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‘Fionna and Cake Card Wars’ #3 is Well Written with Minor Flaws

‘Fionna and Cake Card Wars’ #3 is Well Written with Minor Flaws


Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake: Card Wars  #3
Written by Jen Wang
Artwork by Britt Wilson and Rian Sygh
Colors by Rian Sygh
Published by Boom! Studios

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Card Wars # 3 shows that people’s motivation to master an activity can come from their childhood as is the case for the shape changing cat, Cake. Yet the single minded focus on gaining mastery of the task may cause neglect of other people.  Writer Wang allows for many quiet moments in the comic for the emotions and expressions to carry a lot of weight in the scenes. The writing in the dialogue after the silent moments adds more impact and leaves a deeper impression. Artists Wilson and Sygh support the writing wonderfully through their expressive and bright artwork. The quiet moments in the comic may drag on too long in the writing for the action of the plot, but Wilson and Sygh develop an appropriate mood in the artwork for some profound moments. Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Card Wars # 3 sets the stage for an unfolding drama and comedy, even if it is a little slow here and there.

In Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Card Wars # 3, when Cake is a young kitten is she rejected from playing Card Wars with older players. In the present, Cake drives herself to study in order to win a championship.  However, a conflict is rasied as Cake ignores her friend, Fionna, to focus on her goal, which causes Cake not to go to the Swordcery Fair with Fionna. Fionna spends her time at the Swordcery Fair alone trying to figure out what to do.

Wang’s writing displays a wide ability to depict emotions from the pits of sorrow to the height of comedy.   The sorrow and struggle of Cake stands out as she faces the past troubles she had as a kitten. Cake’s tears as the bullies destroy her Card Wars collection really holds an emotional sting. The dialogue may come off as simple as the bullies mock Cake, but the reaction of the young kitten shows it really hurt her. In contrast, Wang handles the setup of comedy well with Fionna, especially at the Swordcery Fair. Fionna continuously gets rejected from the vendors of the fair as all the activities require a secondary person. The girl’s response to the vendors is outrage that allows for the setup of a pie war to start. Wang easily flows between the different emotional states.

Altogether, Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Card Wars # 3 contains writing with a great depth and understanding of emotions. The artwork of the comic is detailed to go with well-designed characters.  The comic slows down for deeper moments of silence to allow the impact of the plot to sink in.

Score: 9/10