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AMC finds director for ‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off series Pilot

AMC finds director for ‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off series Pilot


The Walking Dead spin-off series has been in development for well into a year now and still very little has been clarified on what the new series will be like. The new show is being developed by Robert Kirkman, the comic books creator, and former Sons of Anarchy scribe, Dave Erickson, which have stated that the series will exist apart from the Georgia area. The new series will explore other areas of the country as well as focus on different survivors and may possibly be set during a time period before the current series, but not much has been fully confirmed.

Last month AMC finally committed to ordering a pilot and followed the news with a breakdown of the shows new characters. This week they have announced that Academy Award winner and TV director veteran Adam Davidson will helm the pilot to the companion series of the most highly rated program on television right now. Adam Davidson has directed for television for most of his career (with credits including Parenthood, Hell on Wheels and Big Love) all after having won an Oscar for his short film The Lunch Date, which he wrote as well as directed.

You can and should check out the short below as it is pretty impressive.