Aspiring Screenwriter Has His Screenplay Blown Up By The Los Angeles Police Department

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According to the LA Times, an aspiring screenwriter had the bright idea to leave a briefcase at the steps of a Beverly Hills talent agency hoping someone would read a script inside. Unfortunately before anyone had the chance to even look at the screenplay, the Los Angeles police department blew it up in fear it was some sort of terrorist attack. After the man left the premises, a security guard on duty removed the case and left it in the alley behind the office awaiting the police to arrive. Beverly Hills officers cordoned off the area and evacuated adjoining offices.

The Los Angeles County sheriff’s bomb squad did however take their time and arrived on scene one hour later at 10:30 a.m. The man was briefly detained at the scene by officers before but was eventually released.

According to the LA Times, Sources familiar with the case said the man had been harassing the agency in an effort to get the script read and were concerned about “irrational comments” concerning the agency.

Something tells me that although the screenwriter may never get his script produced, someone might just use this story as inspiration for a film one day.


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