25 Bands Similar to Linkin Park

Linkin Park performed on stage in Madrid back in 2017.

From Xero to Hybrid Theory and eventually Linkin Park; the origins of this iconic band date back to 1996, California. Xero was formed by current Linkin Park band members Mike Shinoda, Joseph Hahn, Brad Delson, Dave Farrell, Rob Bourdon, and ex-band member Mark Wakefield.

The Linkin Park we know and love only started to rise in the industry after Mark Wakefield left Xero in 1999 – Wakefield is currently the manager for Taproot. Mark was replaced with Chester Bennington, the former vocalist from the grunge band Grey Daze.

Sadly, in 2017, Bennington took his own life, leaving the band and their millions of fans shattered. In an interview on Sway’s Universe, Mike Shinoda speaks about losing a band member and friend.

While Linkin Park is mostly referred to as an American rock band, the style and genre of their music go much deeper than that. Their albums and songs have been categorized with nu-metal, hip hop, alternative rock, hard rock, electronic rock, and rap-rock.

Their album Hybrid Theory took the world by storm in 2000, cementing their link to nu metal – a subgenre of alternative metal. Back in 2014, an interview with Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington revealed some of the challenges the band faced on the road to the release of their first studio album.


Current members                               Position

  • Mike Shinoda                         Co-lead vocals, rapping, rhythm guitar, keyboard
  • Brad Delson                            Lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Dave Farrell                            Bass, backing vocals
  • Joe Hahn                                Turntables, programming, backing vocals
  • Rob Bourdon                          Drums, occasional backing vocals

Former members                                Position

  • Mark Wakefield                      Lead vocals (1996–1999)
  • Chester Bennington               Co-lead vocals (1999–2017 DOD 2017)

Linkin Park has sold 70 million albums and 30 million singles worldwide, with Hybrid Theory being the most successful album to date. The band has won numerous rewards, including two Grammy Awards for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in 2005 for “Numb/Encore” and Best Hard Rock Performance in 2001 for “Crawling”.


2000Hybrid Theory (Studio) sold 12 million copies (U.S) and peaked at No 2 on the Billboard 200 for 262 weeks.

2002 Reanimation (Remix) sold 2 million copies (U.S) and peaked at No 2 on the Billboard 200 for 33 weeks.

2003Live in Texas (Live) sold more than 1 million copies and peaked at No 23 on the Billboard 200 for 35 weeks.

2003Meteora (Studio) sold 7 million copies (U.S) and peaked at No 1 on the Billboard 200 for 119 weeks.

2004Collision Course (Collaboration: Jay-Z) sold 2 million copies (U.S) and peaked at No 1 on the Billboard 200 for 26 weeks.

2007Minutes to Midnight (Studio) sold over 4 million copies (U.S) and peaked at No 1 on the Billboard 200 for 98 weeks.

2008Road to Revolution (Live) sold around 230 thousand copies (U.S) and peaked at No 41 on the Billboard 200 for 13 weeks.

2010A Thousand Suns (Studio) sold over 1 million copies (U.S) and peaked at No 1 on the Billboard 200 for 39 weeks.

2012Living Things (Studio) sold around 1 million copies (U.S) and peaked at No 1 on the Billboard 200 for 36 weeks.

2013 Recharged (Remix) was not as successful selling only 111 thousand copies and peaked at No 10 on the Billboard 200 for 8 weeks.

2014The Hunting Party (Studio) has better success, selling over 1 million copies (U.S) and peaked at No 3 on the Billboard 200 for 20 weeks.

2017One More Light (Studio) the post-Chester album sold around 500 thousand copies (U.S) and peaked at No 1 on the Billboard 200 for 24 weeks.

2017One More Light (Live) sold about 100 thousand copies and peaked at No 28 on the Billboard 200 for 2 weeks.

Top 15 Billboard Hard Rock Digital Song Sales  

2012                In The End                               No 1     181 weeks                   Reanimation

2017                Numb                                      No 1     84 weeks                     Meteora

2012                Burn It Down                           No 1     74 weeks                     Living Things

2017                What I’ve Done                       No 3     38 weeks                     Minutes To Midnight

2011                New Divide                              No 6     26 weeks                     Transformers

2017                Bleed It Out                             No 8     12 weeks                     Minutes To Midnight

2014                Guilty All The Same                No 1     11 weeks                     The Hunting Party

2012                Lost In The Echo                      No 2     10 weeks                     Living Things

2017                Crawling                                  No 4     7 weeks                       Hybrid Theory

2014                Until Its Gone                          No 1     6 weeks                       The Hunting Party

2017                Somewhere I Belong              No 5     5 weeks                       Meteora

2017                One Step Closer                      No 7     4 weeks                       Hybrid Theory

2014                Wastelands                             No 2     3 weeks                       The Hunting Party

2014                Rebellion                                 No 1     2 weeks                       The Hunting Party

2014                Final Masquerade                   No 1     2 weeks                       The Hunting Party

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From Ashes To New


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Formed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S 2013. The rock band has been categorized under genres such as nu-metal, rap metal, rap-rock, and alternative metal. From Ashes To New might not share the same fame or fan base, but their style is nearly identical to Linkin Park.


Current members                   Position

  • Matt Branyberry                     Rap vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, programming
  • Danny Case                            Vocals from 2017
  • Lance Dowdle                        Lead guitar, bass from 2015
  • Mat Madiro                            Drums from 2017

Former members                    Position

  • Mikel Valudes                         Drums 2013–2014
  • Dan Kecki                               Lead guitar 2013–2015
  • Garrett Russell                       Bass 2013–2015
  • Chris Musser                          Vocals 2013–2017
  • Branden Kreider                     Rhythm guitar, bass, vocals 2013–2017
  • Tim D’onofrio                         Drums 2014–2017


2016 Day One

2018 The Future

2020 Panic

Rage Against the Machine

Imaginus Posters Rage Against The Machine Group Shot Rock Music Poster 24 x 36 inches

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Formed in California, U.S 1991, Rage Against the Machine falls under the same genres as Linkin Park: nu metal, rap metal, rap-rock, funk metal, and alternative metal – sharing some style similarities and overlap in fans. The band has also been cited as one of Linkin Park’s influences.


Current members                   Position          

  • Zack de la Rocha                    Lead vocals
  • Tim Commerford                    Bass, backing vocals
  • Tom Morello                           Guitar
  • Brad Wilk                                Drums


1992 Rage Against the Machine       

1996 Evil Empire                                

1999 The Battle of Los Angeles           

2000 Renegades                                

Rage Against the Machine has sold more than 11 million albums worldwide, their 1992 (Rage Against the Machine)and 1996 (Evil Empire) albums being the most successful yet.

Limp Bizkit


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Formed Jacksonville U.S 1994, Limp Bizkit is classified under genres such as nu metal, rap-rock, and rap-metal. The band was very popular with Linkin Park followers as the rap-rock style was a fan favorite at the time.


Current members                   Position

  • Fred Durst                               Lead vocals
  • John Otto                                 Drums
  • Sam Rivers                              Bass, backing vocals
  • Wes Borland                           Guitars, vocals from 1995
  • DJ Lethal                                 Turntables, sampling, programming from 1996

Former members                    Position

  • Rob Waters                             Guitar 1994–1995
  • Terry Balsamo                        Guitar 1995
  • Mike Smith                              Guitars, backing vocals 2002–2004


1997 Three Dollar Bill, Y’all

1999 Significant Other

2000 Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

2003 Results May Vary

2011 Gold Cobra

Significant Other and Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water as the most successful albums to date with approximately 8 million copies each just in the U.S alone.

Papa Roach

Papa Roach Poster 18" X 24" - Papa Roach Print

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Formed in California, U.S 1993 the rock band shared an overlap in Linkin Park fans, with some of the same genres and a vague similarity in style. Papa Roach has been categorized under genres like nu metal, hard rock, alternative rock, and rap-metal.


Current members                   Position

  • Jacoby Shaddix                       Lead vocals
  • Jerry Horton                           Guitar, backing vocals
  • Tobin Esperance                     Bass, programming, backing vocals from 1996
  • Tony Palermo                         Drums from 2007

Former members                    Position

  • Ben Luther                              Trombone 1993
  • Anne Mikolajcik                      Guitar 1993
  • Ryan Brown                             Drums 1994
  • Will James                               Bass, backing vocals 1993–1996
  • Dave Buckner                          Drums 1993–2007


1997 Old Friends from Young Years

2000 Infest

2002 Lovehatetragedy

2004 Getting Away with Murder

2006 The Paramour Sessions

2009 Metamorphosis

2012 The Connection

2015 F.E.A.R.

2017 Crooked Teeth

2019 Who Do You Trust?

Papa Roach released 10 studio albums between 1997 and 2019, Infest being the most successful album, selling more than 3 million copies in the U.S. and 7 million worldwide.


ZZPQ Rock Band Korn Music Personality Poster Canvas Art Poster and Wall Art Picture Print Modern Family Bedroom Decor Posters 12×18inch(30×45cm)

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Formed in California U.S 1993, Korn is one of the most successful rock bands from the 90s, while their sound is a little heavier than Linkin Park, both bands share the nu metal genre. Even though their style was not that close to Linkin Park, a lot of Korn fans got onto the Linkin Park bandwagon in the 2000s.


Current members                   Position

  • Jonathan Davis                       Lead vocals, bagpipes, programming, drums
  • James “Munky” Shaffer          Guitar, backing vocals
  • Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu         Bass
  • Brian “Head” Welch                Guitar, backing vocals
  • Ray Luzier                               Drums from 2008

Former members                    Position

  • David Silveria                          Drums, percussion 1993–2006


1994 Korn

1996 Life Is Peachy

1998 Follow the Leader

1999 Issues

2002 Untouchables

2003 Take a Look in the Mirror

2005 See You on the Other Side

2007 Untitled album

2010 Korn III: Remember Who You Are

2011 The Path of Totality

2013 The Paradigm Shift

2016 The Serenity of Suffering

2019 The Nothing

Korn had great success, selling more than 40 million albums worldwide.


Evanescence Star Poster Family Silk Wall Paints 17 inch x 13 inch

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Formed in Arkansas U.S 1995, Evanescence was a major hit in nu metal era, the rock band has been categorized under alternative metal, gothic metal, gothic rock, and hard rock. Sharing some genres with Linkin Park but style and fanbase are what ranked them alongside each other.


Current members                               Position

  • Amy Lee                                              Lead vocals, keyboards, harp
  • Troy McLawhorn                                 Lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals from 2011
  • Jen Majura                                          Rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals from 2015
  • Tim McCord                                        Bass from 2006
  • Will Hunt                                             Drums from 2010

Former members                                Position

  • Ben Moody                                          Lead and rhythm guitar, bass, drums 1995–2003
  • David Hodges                                      Keyboards, drums, backing vocals 1999–2002
  • Will Boyd                                             Bass 2003–2006
  • Rocky Gray                                          Drums 2003–2007
  • John LeCompt                                     Rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals 2003–2007
  • Terry Balsamo                                    Lead and rhythm guitar 2003–2015


2003 Fallen

2006 The Open Door

2011 Evanescence

2017 Synthesis

2021 The Bitter Truth

Fallen sold 17 million copies worldwide and The Open Door 5 million worldwide, being their two most successful albums to date.

Three Days Grace

Life Starts Now

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Formed in Ontario, Canada, in 1997 the rock band shared more similarities in style with post-grunge bands, however, in genre and followers, Three Days Grace and Linkin Park overlapped in some ways. Genres include nu metal, post-grunge, hard rock, alternative metal, and alternative rock.


Current members                               Position

  • Brad Walst                                          Bass, backing vocals
  • Neil Sanderson                                    Drums, backing vocals, keyboards
  • Barry Stock                                          Lead guitar from 2003
  • Matt Walst                                          Lead vocals, rhythm guitar from 2013

Former members                                Position

  • Adam Gontier                                      Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar 1997–2013


2003 Three Days Grace

2006 One-X

2009 Life Starts Now

2012 Transit of Venus

2015 Human

2018 Outsider

Three Days Grace has sold over 6 million albums in North America.


Disturbed Poster American Rock Band Wall Art Room Decor 16x20 Inches

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Formed in Chicago U.S 1994, Disturbed has been classified under nu metal, heavy metal, hard rock, and alternative metal. While not sharing the same style as Linkin Park, this rock band shared some of the same genres and followers.


Current members                               Position

  • Dan Donegan                                     Guitars, programming, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Mike Wengren                                    Drums, percussion, backing vocals, programming
  • David Draiman                                    Lead vocals from 1996
  • John Moyer                                         Bass, backing vocals from 2005

Former members                                Position

  • Erich Awalt                                          Lead vocals 1994–1996
  • Steve “Fuzz” Kmak                              Bass 1994–2003)


2000 The Sickness

2002 Believe

2005 Ten Thousand Fists

2008 Indestructible

2010 Asylum

2015 Immortalized

2018 Evolution

Disturbed has sold more than 17 million records worldwide.


Seether Poster 18" X 24" - Seether Print

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Formed in Pretoria South Africa, in 1999, the rock band also leaned more towards post-grunge in style but shared similarities with Linkin Park in genre and followers. Seether has been classified under nu metal, hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative metal.


Current members                               Position

  • Shaun Morgan                                    Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
  • Dale Stewart                                       Bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar from 2000
  • John Humphrey                                  Drums, percussion from 2003
  • Corey Lowery                                      Lead guitar, backing vocals from 2019

Former members                                Position

  • Johan Greyling                                    Lead guitar 1999
  • Tyronne Morris                                   Bass 1999
  • David “Dave” Cohoe                           Drums, backing vocals 1999–2002
  • Nick Oshiro                                         Drums 2002–2003
  • Pat Callahan                                        Lead guitar 2002–2006
  • Troy McLawhorn                                 Lead guitar, backing vocals 2008–2011


2002 Disclaimer

2004 Disclaimer II

2005 Karma and Effect

2007 Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

2011 Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray

2014 Isolate and Medicate

2017 Poison the Parish

2020 Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum


KEsore Music Deftones All 4 Posed Canvas Posters Painting Art Wall Posters Decorative Gift Pictures Home Wall Bedroom Live Room for Men and Women Teens16×24inch(40×60cm)

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Formed in California U.S 1988 the rock band was part of the early days of nu metal and was categorized under genres such as alternative metal, art rock, and experimental rock. As far as style goes there isn’t much resemblance but some Linkin Park fans overlap with Deftones’.


Current members                               Position

  • Chino Moreno                                     Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Stephen Carpenter                              Lead guitar
  • Abe Cunningham                                Drums
  • Frank Delgado                                     Keyboards, turntables, samples from 1999
  • Sergio Vega                                         Bass, backing vocals from 2009

Former members                                Position

  • Dominic Garcia                                   Bass, drums 1988–1991
  • John Taylor                                          Drums 1991–1993
  • Chi Cheng                                            Bass, backing vocals 1990–2008


1995 Adrenaline

1997 Around the Fur

2000 White Pony

2003 Deftones

2006 Saturday Night Wrist

2010 Diamond Eyes

2012 Koi No Yokan

2016 Gore

2020 Ohms

Deftones has sold more than 10 million albums across the globe.



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Formed in Illinois U.S 1995, the band can be categorized under nu metal, hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge, and alternative rock. Chevelle might not compare to Linkin Park in style or even followers, but Chevelle has also contributed to the nu metal era.


Current members                               Position

  • Pete Loeffler                                       Lead vocals, guitar, bass
  • Sam Loeffle                                        Drums

Former members                                Position

  • Matt Scott                                           Bass, backing vocals 1995–1996
  • Joe Loeffler                                         Bass, backing vocals 1996–2005
  • Dean Bernardini                                 Bass, backing vocals 2005–2019


1999 Point #1

2002 Wonder What’s Next

2004 This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)

2007 Vena Sera

2009 Sci-Fi Crimes

2011 Hats Off to the Bull

2014 La Gárgola

2016 The North Corridor

2021 Niratias

Of Mice & Men

Of Mice & Men

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Formed in California, U.S 2009, Of Mice & Men is categorized under nu metal, metalcore, alternative metal, post-hardcore, and hard rock. They might not share the same style or even fanbase as Linkin Park but have similarities in genre and era.


Current members                               Position

  • David “Tino” Arteaga                          Drums, percussion
  • Phil Manansala                                   Lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Alan Ashby                                          Rhythm guitar, backing vocals, bass from 2011
  • Aaron Pauley                                       Bass, lead vocals from 2012

Former members                                Position

  • Jon Kintz                                              Rhythm guitar, vocals 2009
  • Jaxin Hall                                             Bass, backing vocals 2009–2010
  • Jerry Roush                                         Vocals 2010–2011
  • Shayley Bourget                                  Rhythm guitar, vocals, bass 2009–2012
  • Austin Carlile                                      Lead vocals 2009–2010; 2011–2016


2010 Of Mice & Men

2011 The Flood

2014 Restoring Force

2016 Cold World

2018 Defy

2019 Earthandsky


Taproot Promo Poster Tap Root

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Formed in Michigan U.S 1997, the band shares a few genres and styles with Linkin Park including nu metal, alternative rock. They have been categorized under alternative metal, post-grunge, and rap metal. Former vocal lead, Mark Wakefield (1996–1999) is the manager for the band.


Current members                               Position

  • Stephen Richards                                Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Phil Lipscomb                                      Bass
  • Dave Coughlin                                     Drums from 2013
  • Dave Lizzio                                          Lead guitar from 2015

Former members                                Position

  • Jarrod Montague                                Drums, backing vocals 1997–2008
  • Nick Fredell                                         Drums 2008–2013
  • Mike DeWolf                                       Lead guitar 1997–2015


2000 Gift

2002 Welcome

2005 Blue-Sky Research

2008 Our Long Road Home

2010 Plead the Fifth

2012 The Episodes

Breaking Benjamin

unity One breaking benjamin 12 x 12 inch Poster Rolled

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Formed in Pennsylvania U.S 1999 Breaking Benjamin is classified under hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative metal. Though their style is not very similar to Linkin Park, a lot of fans has recommended Breaking Benjamin to other Linkin Park followers.


Current members                               Position

  • Benjamin Burnley                               Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Jasen Rauch                                        Lead guitar, programming from 2014
  • Keith Wallen                                       Rhythm guitar, backing vocals from 2014
  • Aaron Bruch                                        Bass, backing vocals from 2014
  • Shaun Foist                                         Drums, percussion, programming from 2014

Former members                                Position

  • Chad Szeliga                                        Drums, percussion 2005–2013)
  • Aaron Fink                                           Lead guitar 2002–2011
  • Mark Klepaski                                      Bass guitar 2002–2011
  • Jeremy Hummel                                 Drums, percussion 1999–2004
  • Jonathan “Bug” Price                          Bass guitar 2001
  • Jason Davoli                                        Bass guitar 1999


2002 Saturate

2004 We Are Not Alone

2006 Phobia

2009 Dear Agony

2015 Dark Before Dawn

2018 Ember

Breaking Benjamin has sold over 7 million albums in the U.S alone.

Stone Sour

Wall decor Corey Taylor Poster (13 x 19 Inches) | Ready to Frame for Office, Living Room, Dorm, Kids Room, Bedroom, Studio | Slipknot | Stone Sour

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Formed in Iowa U.S 1992, the rock band leans more towards alternative metal (seeing as the lead vocalist is Corey Taylor from Slipknot) however, Stone Sour can also be categorized under hard rock, heavy metal, and alternative rock. Sharing some genre parallels with Linkin Park and not to mention a fanbase.


Current members                               Position

  • Corey Taylor                                       Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard
  • Josh Rand                                            Rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals from 1993
  • Roy Mayorga                                      Drums from 2006
  • Johny Chow                                         Bass, backing vocals from 2012
  • Christian Martucci                              Lead guitar, backing vocals from 2014

Former members                                Position          

  • Jim Root                                              Lead guitar 1995–2014
  • Joel Ekman                                          Drums 1992–2006
  • Shawn Economaki                               Bass 1993–2012


2002 Stone Sour

2006 Come What(ever) May

2010 Audio Secrecy

2012 House of Gold & Bones – Part 1

2013 House of Gold & Bones – Part 2

2017 Hydrograd

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers Helmet Heads Rock Music Poster 12 x 36 inches

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Formed in Los Angeles U.S in 1983 the timeless rock band probably doesn’t need much of an introduction however, they have been categorized under funk rock, alternative rock, funk metal, and rap rock. Sharing some genre and style connections with Linkin Park and most of all an overlapping in followers could be attributed to the amazing songwriting abilities of both bands.


Current members                               Position

  • Anthony Kiedis                                    Lead vocals
  • Flea                                                     Bass, backing vocals, trumpet, piano
  • Chad Smith                                          Drums, percussion from 1988
  • John Frusciante                                   Guitars, backing vocals, keyboards from 1988

Former members                                Position

  • Cliff Martinez                                      Drums 1983–1986
  • Hillel Slovak                                        Guitars, backing vocals 1983, 1985–1988; DOD 1988
  • Jack Irons                                            Drums, backing vocals 1983, 1986–1988
  • Josh Klinghoffer                                  Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals 2009–2019


1984 The Red Hot Chili Peppers

1985 Freaky Styley

1987 The Uplift Mofo Party Plan

1989 Mother’s Milk

1991 Blood Sugar Sex Magik

1995 One Hot Minute

1999 Californication

2002 By the Way

2006 Stadium Arcadium

2011 I’m with You

2016 The Getaway

Red Hot Chili Peppers has sold over 80 million albums worldwide and has won six Grammy awards out of sixteen nominations. Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Californication, By the Way, and Stadium Arcadium being their most successful albums to date.

twenty one pilots

xianhan Twenty One Pilots- Poster Decorative Painting Canvas Wall Art Living Room Posters Bedroom Painting 24×36inch(60×90cm)

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Formed in Ohio U.S 2009 twenty one pilots is a rock band that incorporates some rap and hip hop into their style. Genres include alternative hip hop, electropop, indie pop, pop rock, rap rock, and alternative rock. While they only joined the industry about ten years after Linkin Park, the band has enjoyed some attention from LP fans.


Current members                               Position

  • Tyler Joseph                                  Lead vocals, piano, ukulele, guitar, bass, keyboards,

                                                      programming, percussion

  • Josh Dun                                        Drums, percussion, trumpet, backing vocals from


Former members                                Position

  • Chris Salih                                                 Drums, percussion, backing vocals 2009–2011
  • Nick Thomas                                 Bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals



Twenty One Pilots (2009)

Regional at Best (2011)

Vessel (2013)

Blurryface (2015)

Trench (2018)

Scaled and Icy (2021)

Foo Fighters

EICOCO Foo Fighters Plaque Poster Metal Tin Sign 8" x 12" Vintage Retro Wall Decor

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Formed in Washington U.S 1994 after lead vocalist Kurt Cobain from Nirvana passed away. Foo Fighters is categorized under alternative rock, post-grunge, hard rock, and grunge. Though they may not have much in common with style and genre, Foo Fighters and Linkin Park share a fan or two.


Current members                               Position

  • Dave Grohl                                          Lead vocals, guitar
  • Nate Mendel                                       Bass from 1995
  • Pat Smear                                           Buitar, backing vocals from 1995
  • Taylor Hawkins                                   Drums, percussion, backing vocals from 1997
  • Chris Shiflett                                       Guitar, backing vocals from 1999
  • Rami Jaffee                                         Keyboard, piano from 2017

Former members                                Position

  • William Goldsmith                              Drums, percussion 1995–1997
  • Franz Stahl                                          Guitar, backing vocals 1997–1999


1995 Foo Fighters

1997 The Colour and the Shape

1999 There Is Nothing Left to Lose

2002 One by One

2005 In Your Honor

2007 Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

2011 Wasting Light

2014 Sonic Highways

2017 Concrete and Gold

2021 Medicine at Midnight

Foo Fighters has sold more than 12 million copies in the U.S alone.


Kirbis Muse Music Band Music Poster 26" x 15" NOT A DVD

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Formed in Devon in the United Kingdom 1994, Muse is a successful rock band under genres such as alternative rock, progressive rock, art rock, hard rock, space rock, and electronica. Linkin Park and Muse share an overlap in followers.


Current members                               Position

  • Matt Bellamy                                      Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, piano, synthesizer
  • Dominic Howard                                 Drums, percussions
  • Chris Wolstenholme                           Bass guitar, backing vocals, guitar


1999 Showbiz

2001 Origin of Symmetry

2003 Absolution

2006 Black Holes and Revelations

2009 The Resistance

2012 The 2nd Law

2015 Drones

2018 Simulation Theory

Muse have sold more than 20 million albums worldwide.


Daughtry 24X36 Poster SDG #SDG764523

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Formed in North Carolina U.S 2006, the rock band is listed under genres such as post-grunge, alternative rock, hard rock, and pop-rock. With only minor similarities in style and genre, Daughtry has gained some popularity under Linkin Park fans.


Current members                               Position

  • Chris Daughtry                                    Lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar
  • Josh Steely                                           Lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Josh Paul                                             Bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Brian Craddock                                   Rhythm guitar from 2007
  • Elvio Fernandes                                   Keyboards, occasional rhythm guitar from 2012
  • Brandon Maclin                                  Drums, percussion from 2014

Former members                                Position

  • Jeremy Brady                                      Rhythm guitar 2006
  • Joey Barnes                                         Drums, percussion, backing vocals 2006–2010
  • Robin Diaz                                           Drums, percussion 2010–2014


2006 Daughtry

2009 Leave This Town

2011 Break the Spell

2013 Baptized

2018 Cage to Rattle

2021 Dearly Beloved

Audioslave (Disbanded in 2017)

zhijie Spirit of Audioslave Poster Decorative Painting Canvas Wall Art Living Room Posters Bedroom Painting 12×18inch(30×45cm)

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Formed in California U.S 2001, the rock band was listed under hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge, and alternative rock. Sharing only minor resemblances with Linkin Park, however, both bands enjoyed the support of the same followers.


Former members                                Position

  • Chris Cornell                                       Lead vocals, acoustic guitar DOD 2017
  • Tom Morello                                       Lead guitar 2001–2017
  • Tim Commerford                                Bass guitar, backing vocals 2001–2017
  • Brad Wilk                                            Drums, percussion 2001–2017


2002 Audioslave

2005 Out of Exile

2006 Revelations

Out of only three studio albums, Audioslave has sold more than 8 million records worldwide.

Green Day

Green Day Rock Band Concert Poster Home Decor #6 16x20 Inches

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Formed in California U.S 1987, Green Day is categorized under punk rock, pop punk, and alternative rock. As styles and genres between the bands have little in common, Linkin Park has enjoyed the attention of the same fanbase.


Current members                               Position

  • Billie Joe Armstrong                           Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica
  • Mike Dirnt                                           Bass, backing vocals, guitars
  • Tré Cool                                              Drums, percussion, backing vocals from 1990

Former members                                Position

  • Raj Punjabi                                          Drums, backing vocals 1987
  • Sean Hughes                                       Bass 1987
  • John Kiffmeyer                                    Drums, percussion, backing vocals 1987–1990


1990 39/Smooth

1991 Kerplunk

1994 Dookie

1995 Insomniac

1997 Nimrod

2000 Warning

2004 American Idiot

2009 21st Century Breakdown

2012 ¡Uno!

2012 ¡Dos!

2012 ¡Tré!

2016 Revolution Radio

2020 Father of All Motherfuckers

Green Day has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide.

My Chemical Romance

(22x34) My Chemical Romance (The Black Parade) Music Poster Print

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Formed in New Jersey U.S 2001, My Chemical Romance was another popular band that shared some of the same followers as Linkin Park. The rock band is listed under genres such as alternative rock, emo, pop-punk, post-hardcore, punk rock, and hard rock.


Current members                               Position

  • Gerard Way                                        Lead vocals
  • Ray Toro                                              Lead guitar, backing vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Mikey Way                                          Bass guitar
  • Frank Iero                                            Rhythm guitar, backing vocals from 2002

Former members                                Position

  • Matt Pelissier                                      Drums, percussion 2001–2004
  • Bob Bryar                                            Drums, percussion 2004–2010
  • James Dewees                                    Keyboards, percussion, backing vocals 2012–2013


2002 I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

2004 Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

2006 The Black Parade

2010 Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

My Chemical Romance has sold more than 9 million albums worldwide

Creed (Disbanded in 2012)


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Formed in Florida U.S 1994, Creed was another remarkably popular rock band. Categorized under post-grunge, hard rock, alternative metal, and alternative rock. Sharing a substantial Linkin Park fanbase.


Former members                                Position

  • Scott Stapp                                          Lead vocals 1994–2012
  • Brian Marshall                                    Bass 1994–2012
  • Scott Phillips                                        Drums, percussion, keyboards 1994–2012
  • Mark Tremonti                                   Lead guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals 1994–2012
  • Brian Brasher                                      Rhythm guitar 1994–1995


1997 My Own Prison

1999 Human Clay

2001 Weathered

2009 Full Circle

Out of the four studio albums they released, Creed has sold 53 million records across the globe.

Dead By Sunrise (formerly Snow White Tan)

Out of Ashes

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Formed in California U.S 2005, the rock band was listed under alternative rock, hard rock, post-grunge, electronic rock, and alternative metal. Dead By Sunrise follows the same style and genre. As Chester Bennington was the lead vocalist for the band, you won’t find anything that is more similar. Well, not taking into consideration the lack of hip hop and rap throughout their songs.

Chester has also been associated with, Grey Daze, Stone Temple Pilots (2013–2015), and Kings of Chaos during the North American tour back in September 2016.


Former members                                Position

  • Chester Bennington                            Lead vocals 2005–DOD 2017
  • Amir Derakh                                       Lead guitar 2005–2017
  • Ryan Shuck                                          Rhythm guitar, backing vocals 2005–2017
  • Elias Andra                                          Drums 2009–2011
  • Brandon Belsky                                   Bass 2009–2012
  • Anthony “Fu” Valcic                            Keyboards, synthesizers 2009–2012
  • Frank Zummo                                     Drums 2012


Dead by Sunrise released only one studio album in 2009, Out Of Ashes.


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