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Barbie headed to the big screen


In 1987 Toddy Haynes unleashed his masterpiece Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, a true-life short docudrama which has all of its main characters played by Barbie and Ken dolls. Twenty Three years later and Ken and Barbie will star in another film, only this time in a feature. After months of negotiations, Universal has acquired the rights to the iconic Mattel toy to make a live-action feature. The studio is still unsure on what sort of Barbara Millicent Roberts audiences will see. Will Barbie appear as a teen valley girl in a coming of age drama, successful business women, a military officer or maybe even astronaut? Who will play Barbie? Perhaps Reese Witherspoon? Hollywood has tried to acquire the rights to the toy line for years by Mattel have been extremely protective of the toy, wanting nothing to tarnish the polished image.