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Berenstain Bears Movie Announced


I remember seeing a trailer for the live action Chipmunks movie, and after I picked my jaw up off the floor, I realized without a doubt that computer generated Smurfs were soon to follow.  Sure enough, word came not long after that such a movie was being planned and the writers of Shrek were considering the screenplay.  However, nothing prepared me for the news I read last week that a Berenstain Bears movie is now in the works.

Walden Media, the production company responsible for The Chronicle of Narnia movies, has purchased the rights to the Berentstain books, and Shawn Levy, who directed Night at the Museum, will produce the project. Levy spoke with USA Today last week and discussed some of his plans for the new movie.  Levy described the film as a “warm-hearted comedy about family, and a different kind of family.”  He didn’t drop any hints about who might be writing the script, but he did indicate what he wants from the tone of the story.  He cited the concept behind Will Ferrell’s movie Elf as one example of what he’s looking for, something “witty but never sarcastic.”  You can look for the movie in 2011.

In other news from the animated bear community, the executives bringing us the Yogi Bear movie have announced its potential cast.  Dan Aykroyd might play the title character with Justin Timberlake as his sidekick, Boo-Boo.  And Anna Faris is in talks to portray a documentary filmmaker who comes to Yellowstone Park.

Now I just have to wonder if there is a Care Bear movie around the corner.

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