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Caitlin Moran’s novel ‘How to Build a Girl’ to become film

Caitlin Moran’s novel ‘How to Build a Girl’ to become film


How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran will be adapted into a film by Monumental Pictures. The novel revolves around Johanna Morrigan, a teenager who supports her financially struggling family as a successful music critic. She then drops out of school, moves to London, and turns into the sexually adventurous Dolly Wild.

“Caitlin Moran is the wittiest writer on the planet and her creation, Johanna Morrigan, stands alongside Elizabeth Bennet and Bridget Jones as one of the great female literary icons,” said Alison Owen, one of the producers via Screen Daily. “We want to make commercial movies and television with strong female characters. We can’t wait to bring Johanna to the big screen.”

Caitlin Moran herself was a music critic by the time she was 16 and won the British Press Awards’ Columnist of The Year award in 2010 and Critic and Interviewer of the Year in 2011 working for the Times. She will help write the script with John Niven.

No word yet on a potential release date or casting.