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Canada Has A New Film Festival

Our readers and listeners out in Saskatoon may be interested in knowing that Canada is adding yet another genre film festival. Saskatoon’s first annual Dark Bridges Film Festival will take place this coming September 24 – 26. John Allison, one of the bloggers of Row Three is programming the festival and has a great line up. See the full lineup below.

Friday, September 24, 2010

7:00 pm
Centurion (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Uncle Jack & Red Princess Blues
Opening Gala – Brutal Roman action movie from Neil Marshall

9:30 pm
Dawning (Canadian Theatrical Premiere) w/ Off Season & Wilted
Disturbing and terrifying cabin thriller.

12:00 am
El Monstro Del Mar! (Canadian Theatrical Premiere) w/ Necronomicon & Frank Dancoolo Prarnormal Drug Dealer
Faster Pussycatt Kill Kill with a Sea Monster

Saturday, September 25, 2010

1:00 pm
Werewolf Fever (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Remote & Surface
Werewolf invades a late night burger joint

3:30 pm
Long Pigs (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Dead Bones
Mockumentary about Cannibalism

7:00 pm
[REC] (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere)w/ Inferno of the Dead & 36 Sous Sol
Original Spanish Zombie movie that inspired Quarantine

9:30 pm
[REC] 2 (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Deus Irae & Alice Jacobs is Dead
Sequel to [REC]

12:00 am
Death of the Dead (Canadian Theatrical Premiere)w/ The Elusive Man & Game Night
Zombie ninjas, what more needs to be said…

Sunday, September 26, 2010

12:15 pm
Saskatchewan Short Films
A selection of short genre films by Saskatchewan film makers.

1:30 pm
Black Field (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Without Wings & The Thomas Beale Cipher
Canadian dark historical drama. Admission by donation or with festival pass

3:30 pm
A Film with Me In It (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ No Escape
Irish black comedy that is best seen with not knowing anything about it

7:00 pm
High School (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Worm
Stoner comedy with Adrien Brody as drug dealing Psycho Ed

9:30 pm
The Good, The Bad and The Weird (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Junko’s Shamisen
Closing Gala – Korean kimchi western blockbuster