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Chris Rock working on a new movie with his ‘Top Five’ cast returning

Chris Rock working on a new movie with his ‘Top Five’ cast returning

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After his latest film Top Five was such a hit, it seems like Chris Rock may be in demand again. But not necessarily just in front of the screen, but also behind it.

Rock revealed on Thursday in an interview with Complex UK that he and producer Scott Rudin are currently working on a new project that he hopes to have ready soon. According to Rock, he meets with producer Scott Rudin “every week now going over this next movie,” and that Rudin wants him “to work at a faster pace.”

He added that Rudin also would like to see most of his cast from Top Five return, singling out Leslie Jones and Tracy Morgan as two he would like to see more of. “Some people shine in Top Five. You might want to see a little more of Leslie Jones or Tracy [Morgan], once he gets better. I think Jerry Seinfeld showed us some things we haven’t seen,” Rock said.

Leslie Jones is about to become a big star as she nabbed a leading role in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig is directing with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon also starring in (not to mention the male counterpart by the Russo brothers and Channing Tatum).

As for Morgan, he could be up in the air as to his future appearances after a car accident last year has left him seriously injured and without any appearances on shows or tours since. But if the new movie will also include Rosario Dawson, Cedric the Entertainer, Kevin Hart, JB Smoove, Gabrielle Union, and another Adam Sandler cameo, I’m sure it will be still as entertaining as Top Five.

Top Five recently hit the shelves on DVD/Blu-ray after a theatrical run that grossed more than $25 million for the Rock-directed project.