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‘Cursed Treasure 2’ is a Blessing to Tower Defense

‘Cursed Treasure 2’ is a Blessing to Tower Defense

cursed treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2
Armor Games 

There is no doubt that being the hero can be tiring after a while. Everyone is always counting on you to save the day, and once you do, you get the pleasure of waiting around for the next crazed psychopath to come along. Overworked heroes rejoice! Cursed Treasure 2 offers you a chance to switch sides for a while, and it feels sooo good to be bad.cursed treasure 2 gp

Cursed Treasure 2 tasks you with the mission of fending off those vexing heroes who have nothing better to do than steal your precious gems. Apparently the people of the kingdom are not thrilled with your latest scheme to take over the world. Like any tower defense, this game requires players to think strategically if they want to be victorious.

There are three basic structures for defense available to the forces of evil: orc dens which specialize in archery, undead crypts that can freeze or frighten wanna be heroes, and demon temples which find new ways to utilize fire. Structures can only be placed on their corresponding zone, so careful study of the maps is required before making your first move. Once structures gain enough experience they can be upgraded to an even deadlier form.

With every new level mastered you receive three skill points which you can divvy out amongst your minions. If at any time you are unhappy with the way things are turning out, you can reset all your skills and redistribute points as you see fit.cursed treasure 2 skills

There are also two spells, terror and meteor, which are especially handy when fighting wizards or elemental creatures. Terror can either make the enemy turn back or frighten them to death. Meteor lets you hurl meteors at unsuspecting victims below.

Fallen heroes occasionally leave behind useful drop items such as mana bottles and lightning spells, which you can use against their comrades.

Those looking for insight about the heroes you face can turn the the Evilopedia, a necessity for all evil villains, which reveals everything you need to know in order to deal with the swarms of goody two-shoes.

The mechanics of the game are intuitive, however if you prefer reading the instructions before diving in, you are more than welcome to.

Besides strategy, patience is the key to wiping out every last hero. Although pressing enter will initiate attacks immediately and pressing the space bar speeds up game play, mana and gold take time to build up. Hopefully your evil plotting pays off before all your lovely gems are stolen, otherwise it’s back to the drawing board.

I think it’s a pity the gold and mana you accumulate during each battle doesn’t carry over to the next mission. I know that this of course would remove the challenging aspect I enjoy about the game. Still, it bums me out whenever I have large piles of gold that I don’t get to keep.

Cursed Treasure 2 is so downright addictive that you can’t quit after only an hour of play. Fans of tower defense, as well as those who are curious about the genre, will definitely enjoy this game. Cursed Treasure 2 can be found on multiple websites free of charge. So kiss your free time and embrace your inner villain.