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David Gordon Green to return to serious filmmaking with Nicolas Cage in tow

While his recent cinematic ventures have been more in the broad comedy vein, David Gordon Green’s earlier work, such as All the Real Girls and Snow Angels, were character-driven dramas that endeared him to the indie film community, and many fans have lamented his move away from such fare. It seems that Gordon Green himself missed working on films of that nature, as news has now emerged that he has been tapped to direct the film adaptation of the Larry Brown  novel Joe, which explores the relationship between an ex-con and a 15-year-old from an unstable household. In addition to the director, the movie has also signed on its lead, who is none other than Nicolas Cage. While his recent cinematic turns have rendered him somewhat of a punchline, Cage has also proven himself capable of excelling in serious roles such as Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation, an area he has also not visited in a few years. There’s no word yet on when shooting will begin, as Gordon Green is currently working on a remake of Dario Argento’s Suspiria, while Cage is filming Kick-Ass 2.