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Do Actors Get their Own Car and Driver while Filming Movies and/or TV Shows?

Do Actors Get their Own Car and Driver while Filming Movies and/or TV Shows?

It’s no secret that actors often work long, gruelling hours on set while filming. There have been numerous incidents where actors, and even crew members, were involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents while traveling home after filming. Many outsiders wonder: Do actors get their own car and driver while filming movies and/or TV shows?

Let’s break this down.

Film shooting location

We all love watching movies. Seeing our favorite actors perform amazing stunts in some of the most beautiful locations around the world. The screenplay determines where the film or television show will be produced.

Some movies/television shows are produced on sets that have been constructed in the backlot of a movie studio, in and around Los Angelos, hence why most actors live in California. Other movies/television shows are filmed on location. This means that either a part or the entire show may be filmed in a location other than Hollywood. 

This means that the location of production might be in another state or even another country. 


A photo of a five star hotel bedroom.

When movies/television shows are produced in a studio, and crew members/actors live close by, then housing is not provided and all crew members travel to and from the set on a daily basis. 

However, if production happens on location, then housing is provided for the actors/crew members close to set. The type of housing offered will depend on a few factors. A-list actors and actresses may be housed in five-star luxury hotels that are close to the location. 

For mid-range actors and actresses, housing may include mid-level hotels. There are incidents where actors and actresses, regardless of status, may be housed in a trailer on set. 

Details of housing will typically be stipulated in the contract of the actor or actress and in some cases may be negotiated through the working contract. 

Housing located off set may require travel to and from the set by the actor or actress. Another factor that will influence the type of housing is whether the actor is unionized or non-unionised. 

Contract details

Two man making a contract details.Contracts are negotiated between the production company and the actor/actress agent. It is during these negotiations that benefits are discussed and agreed upon. 

As previously mentioned, if the actor/actress belongs to a union, then there are minimum conditions that the contract must meet. Anything above these minimum requirements is up for negotiation between agents and production companies.

On the other hand, if the actor/actress is non-unionised, then that individual is not protected and negotiation may be the only resource to reach an agreement. The production company, however, is able to make an offer without limitations as set by unions. 

Benefits often include aspects such as travel arrangements, reimbursement for travel, accommodation while filming, as well as the agreed upon fee. 

Working hours

A photo of camera shooting ina film.As previously mentioned, it is not uncommon for actors and actresses to work long gruelling hours on set. Sometimes up to 18 hour work days. Time is money. And this has never been more true than in the film and entertainment industry.

The budget of a film will dictate how much money will be spent on the various aspects of filming. A movie budget can run anywhere from $1000 for a very low budget film to anywhere from $100 million dollars for a blockbuster movie. 

Screen Actors Guild 

This is the key part of this article. Does the actor or actress belong to a union? This will affect the benefits, payment, working conditions, and everything in between, regarding the working relationship between the actor/actress and the production company.

According to their website, unionized members are reimbursed for travel expenses if the production company does not provide travel to and from the set for the actor/actress. 

Take away

A white van on the road on the way to the set.

Actors are free to negotiate with the production company. Some production companies include travel benefits into the budget. This means that an actor may receive either a vehicle to drive themselves to and from the set or may receive a car and driver that will transport them to the set.

But this is not a requirement. SAG states that actors are entitled to reimbursement for travel but does not state that actors/actresses are entitled to being transported or offered a vehicle to drive in. 

There have been instances where A-list actors/actresses drive themselves to and from the set using their own private vehicle. It is believed that in these cases the actor/actress is reimbursed for the cost of travel.

Some actors/actresses may make use of an Uber to drive them, as long hours on the set may make them too tired to drive themselves. 

In some cases, an actor/actress may call a towncar service or this service may be provided for them by the production company. This often depends on the status of the actor/actress or the budget of the production company. 

In addition, while on location, the production company may hire a shuttle service to transport actors/actresses and crew members from the hotel to the set and back again. There have been incidents where the production company may hire an airport rental for the actor/actress and allow them to drive themselves. 


Transportation costs will depend on the budget of the film, the status of the actor/actress, the negotiating ability of the agent, and whether the actor/actress is unionized or non-unionized. It is not uncommon for an actor/actress to drive themselves in their own car, neither is it uncommon for A-listers to demand a driving service.