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The Four Horsemen Find Their Victims Unaware in Earth 2: World’s End #2

The Four Horsemen Find Their Victims Unaware in Earth 2: World’s End #2

Earth 2: World’s End #2STK652854

Written by Mike Johnson, Marguerite Bennett, & Daniel H. Wilson

Art by Paulo Siqueira, Tyler Kirkham, & Eddy Barrows

Published by DC Comics

World’s End continues from its stellar first issue. Earth 2’s short lived peace ends as four new foes arrive bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, spreading across the planet. This issue boast some heavy action, albeit primarily with Red Tornado and the Superman and Batman families, who were the focus of both last issue and Earth 2’s. The other characters who get the spotlight are the enigmatic Terry Sloan and Mr. Miracle in a mental battle with the mastermind Bedlam. This is where the book earns the title World’s End as Apokolips is dragged across the stars and set on a collision course with Earth.

While the first issue was strong with its proper and thorough summary of Earth 2’s history, this one falls only a bit short after such a solid start. It spends a bit too much time spent on the action set up from last week’s cliffhanger, but still shows the promise of an epic series. This marks the first time the forces of Apokolips are shown as more than a mindless horde. The Lords of Apokolips are brought in as players, trying to manage their houses as they are dragged into a war with Earth they don’t want. Seeds for many stories are being planted here, such as Lois Lane’s issues of being bound to a mechanical body, and the very forces of the Earth being brought into the fray. This may be lacking, but it serves to set up some very interesting plotlines.

Art wise, this issue is more of a mixed bag. For only the second issue out of the gate, World’s End #2 has three separate artists working here with clearly different styles.Siqueira, Kirkham, and Barrows are all good artists, but this is not the work that will be high on their resumes. Sometimes ,the characters are stretched out or their faces are contorted in weird ways. This is especially prevalent during the Mr. Miracle and Terry Sloan scenes. Meanwhile, a number of characters suffer from having their calves disappear behind their thighs, or one case where Val Zod’s lower half disappears entirely. Inconsistent art can spell the doom for a weekly series and while it doesn’t doom this issue, an entire series like this would be severely lacking.


World’s End #2 follows up from last issue’s set up with great potential. Its art is very problematic, but its greater narrative helps make up for it. Whether or not this series will be a classic, like Earth 2 or just a derivative event comic is too close to call.