Fantasia 2010: Neil Marshall Interview

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Thanks to Neil Marshall’s 2005 horror film The Descent, about a group of spelunking women attacked by hideous carnivorous bat-boy monsters, my wife is now afraid of caves, Weekly World News covers, and girls’ nights out. If Marshall’s latest film Centurion, in which a Roman legion is attacked by Picts in 2nd century England, is anywhere near as intense we’re never going to visit London again, and she’ll won’t let me brandish my prized replica gladius for fear I’ll be shot in the neck by a woad-smeared warrior.

I spoke with Marshall and actress Axelle Carolyn about the film, which they’ve compared to a Western with its frontier battles and issues of colonialism and resistance. You can stream the interview below. (Apologies for a mild torrent of noise in the first few seconds.)

listen here

Al Kratina

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