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Fantasia 2011: Will there be a second screening for Attack The Block?

Every year the Fantasia Film Festival reserves several spots in their schedule for popular films that sell out and demand an additional screening for fans who didn’t have a chance to see the films. Sometimes TBA’s are reserved either for a secret screening that Fantasia didn’t want you to know about such as Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds from two years ago, or a film that they couldn’t confirm that they would get before they printed out the programs. This isn’t unusual and most genre fests do the same. So the question remains, what are the TBA’s going to be for 2011.

Attack The Block screened Friday to a sold out audience and so far it has been the highlight of the festival. Joe Cornish’s infectiously larky extraterrestrial invasion movie effortlessly had the ability to extract laughs and shocks from the already feverish Fantasia audience. Even better was Jerome Sable & Eli Batalion’s short The Legend of Beaver Dam which played just before. The combination of the short and the feature made for what was a perfect Fantasia night.

Ricky D wrote a raving review for the short that night, and I recently noticed that the filmmakers plugged a second screening of the film on his Sound On Sight twitter feed – that date being Friday August 5th 2011. So does this mean that Attack The Block will also screen? Well yes. This hasn’t been confirmed but of all the films scheduled for that date, none have any mention of screening The Legend of Beaver Dam beforehand. Also notice that there are two TBA’s scheduled for August 5th – one at 5:00 PM and the second at 9:45 — and if I had to place a bet, I would safely put my money down on the 5:00 screening which is at the Hall (the larger) theatre. So there you have it. If you didn’t get a chance to see the film, read Simon’s review and you’ll wish you did. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled at the upcoming announcements, and hope my suspicions are correct.

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One quick side note: we can also tell you that one of the major TBA’s from this year is an Asian film shot in 3D, and Fantasia will hold their first ever 3D screening. That would leave three films to choose from, since there have only been three recent Asian films shot in the format worth showing – Kim Ji-Hun’s highly-anticipated monster movie Sector 7, Tsui Hark’s 3D Wu xia film – Flying Swords of Dragon Gate! or Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai a dramatic, 3D re-imagining of the 1962 film Harakiri by Masaki Kobayashi, itself based on the novel by Yasuhiko Takiguchi. And I’m guessing that whichever film they choose will screen on the 7th of August.

More to come.

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Here is the list of sold out shows so far. Some of these have a chance for a second screening depending on the demand. However I wouldn’t count on Red State.

Red State
Jeudi/Thursday le 14 juillet 2011 à 18H45 Hall

Attack the Block
Vendredi/Friday le 15 juillet 2011 à 21H40 Hall

2011-07-15 19:00

Au-delà de l’animation/ Outer Limits of Animation 2011
Samed/Saturday le 16 juillet 2011 à 14H30 Salle J.A. de Sève

Petty Romance
Lundi/Monday le 18 juillet 2011 à 19H15 de sève

Lundi/Monday le 18 juillet 2011 à 21H30 Salle J.A. de Sève

2011-07-21 19:00

Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano
Jeudi/Thursday le 21 juillet 2011 à 21H45 Salle J.A. de Sève

Battle Royale
Samedi/Saturday le 23 juillet 2011 à 23h55 Théâtre Hall Concordia

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Some Guy Who Kills People
Lundi le 25 juillet 2011 à 21H30 Salle J.A. de Sève

13 Assassins (Director’s Cut)
2011-07-27 18:30

Burke and Hare
Mercredi / Wednesday le 27 juillet 2011 à 21H30 Théâtre Hall Concordia

Jeudi/Thursday le 28 juillet 2011 à 21H45 de Seve

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Jeudi/Thursday le 4 août 2011 à 21H10 Hall