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Fantasia Film Festival 2009 Director Lee Demarbre and David Hess talk Smash Cut


Smash Cut, about a B-movie director who begins killing people to improve the realism of his special effects, is the type of film that gives cult film fans fever dreams, full of porn stars and blood spatter and everything else that Pat Robertson thinks causes hurricanes. Starring adult film actress Sasha Grey, Last House on the Left legend David Hess, and Michael Berryman from The Hills Have Eyes, the film is a loving ode to the films of gore pioneer Herschell Gordon Lewis. If you had to look up any of the names in the previous sentence, you might find Smash Cut a confusing blend of camp comedy and splatter, like John Waters in a snuff movie, but fans of B-movie and cult cinema will be thrilled. Sound on Sight saw down with Smash Cut director Lee Demarbre, and star David Hess to discuss the new film.

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