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Great Free To Play Games

Great Free To Play Games


In this economy there are people who cannot afford the latest games. Gaming on the PC can be very expensive but there are some games that are free to play. Here is a look at some of the better games that you can be playing right now.


Online War


1) World of Tanks: If you loved watching old World War II movies then this is the game for you. Jump into a tank either for the Allies or Axis and engage in online battles with people from all over the world. You can upgrade your tank and also buy newer ones as they range from heavier tanks to even artillery.

2) War Thunder: Also set in World War II this game gives the player a variety of roles to choose from. You can dominate your foes in the air, land or sea as you will fly planes, drive tanks and man ships to bring your side to victory. There are also some PVE events instead of just going up against people online which makes War Thunder a unique game in its own right.

3) Battlefield Play4Free: The Battlefield series has been known for its fierce online battles but not everyone can afford this game. With Battlefield Play4Free you don’t have to worry about that as you can play with up to 32 people on huge maps. Drive tanks, fly helicopters or fight on foot as you lead your team to victory.


MMO Fantasy


1) Everquest 2: What sets Everquest 2 apart from most of the other games out there is it has tons of content. There is literally at least 40 to 80 hours of adventuring to do as you start as a low level warrior and rise up to be a powerful champion. And with the ability to purchase a level 85 character you have the option of skipping all that grinding and getting to the good stuff that much sooner.

2) C9: Continent of the Ninth Seal (or C9 for short) is different from the traditional MMO’s as this is an action MMO. What that means is you will have to move, fight and counter attack your foes instead of just clicking on them.

3) Neverwinter Online: Based off the legendary Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting players can now delve into the city of Neverwinter. And with the ability to not just take in part of epic adventures but to create your own this is one game that die hard D&D fans should check out.


Super MMO’s


1) Champions Online: Drawing from a rich pen and paper universe Champions Online allows you to create and play the hero you want to play. If you wanted to play an archer that shoots trick arrows you can do that. There is also a wealth of customization options so you can not only make the hero you want but make it your own as well.

2) Marvel Heroes: This Diablo-like game will allow you to play as your favorite Marvel super hero. Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America are just a few of the heroes that you will be able to play as. Visit such iconic locations as Hell’s Kitchen, Madripoor and The Savage Land as you battle enemies and level up your powers.

3) DC Universe: You will be able to create your own hero or villain and be mentored by memorable DC characters such as Batman, Joker, Superman, and Circe. Create the character you want, venture out onto the streets of Gotham and fight against some great heroes and villains.


Space MMO’s


1) Star Wars The Old Republic: You can choose to play as the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire. Play as a Jedi, Bounty Hunter or a Trooper as you will battle on various planets and take part in some iconic adventures.

2) Star Trek: Die hard trekkies can get into this massive multiplayer online game by perfect world entertainment. With the ability not to just to explore strange new worlds with an away team you will be able to command your own ship! And as you progress you will be able to play as the Klingons as well!

3) Firefall: A unique massive online shooter as you are trying to reclaim earth from an alien infestation. Fight back with a variety of battleframes ranging from the light recon class to the massive dreadnaught class. Craft gear, unlock outfits and participate in PVE and PVP events in this unique world from Red 5 studios.


Online Shooters:


1) Team Fortress 2: The iconic team based game with a variety of game modes to keep players coming back for more. Choose from a variety of classes such as the sniper, pyro and spy as Red Vs. Blue fights in chaotic online battles.

2) Battlefield Heroes: The Royal Army and the National Army are embroiled in a conflict on a variety of maps. You will run, shoot and drive tanks and fly planes in this cartoonish shooter. And the best part is that you can play this game in your browser!

3) Planetside 2: Take any of the online shooters that you have played and multiply it by ten and you have barely scratched the surface of Planetside 2. With tons of vehicles , massive maps and three factions to choose from this is one game you have to play to believe.


Browser Games


1) Offensive Combat: What I love about this game is it is fast paced and makes completely no sense. You can upgrade your character with various weapons, skins and outfits as you research new weapons.

2) Urban Rivals: A card game where you can play with people from all over the world. Each of these cards can gain experience as they level up from a weak card to one where it can dominate your opponents.

3) Warface: An awesome team based browser game with awesome graphics and a class based system that you don’t have to spend hours downloading.


Facebook Games

Dino Storm - Wallpaper 01

1) Evil Genius Online: Ever wanted to take over the world and build a massive secret lair and fight against agents? This is the game for you! This game is currently in the beta testing phase but this might be a game you will keep coming back to.

2) Walking Dead Social Game: Love the walking dead comics or TV show? Then you need to play this game as you will go on missions, fight zombies and level up your character. This game follows the events of the TV show starting with season 1 and up to the current season giving players at least thirty hours of playtime.

3) Dinostorm: This is a fantastic game that blends western, sci fi and dinosaurs making your way to the small town of Dinoville. You will fight against bandits, herd dinosaurs and discover new places as you can also become the sheriff of dinoville.


And there you have it these are just a small sliver of some of the free to play games online today. For more free games check out steam, facebook and and get ready to get your game on!