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Happy Endings, Ep. 3.13, “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”: It’s weddings galore!

Happy Endings, Ep. 3.13, “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”: It’s weddings galore!


Happy Endings, Season 3, Episode 13 : “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”
Written by Hilary Winston
Directed by Rob Greenberg
Airs Tuesdays at 9pm and 9:30pm ET on ABC

IT IS A DOUBLE DOSE OF HAPPY ENDINGS! Yep, that’s right. Because of some scheduling problems, we are now being treated to a double dose of Happy Endings to brighten up our week. And with the shenanigans that we find the group in this week are hysterical.

The episode opens with Penny’s engagement party (one that she basically planned herself). While opening presents we discover that Jane has actually decided to be the wedding planner and that Penny has actually forgot to invite her fiancé Pete. After finally getting Pete over there we find out that he actually just wants to elope with Penny, and cue the main setup for this episode.

We find the group going to a wedding expo, where they actually end up pairing up. Alex and Dave, Max and Brad, and lastly Jane, Penny and Pete (who is told the expo is actually a Reggae convention). Props need to be given to Nick Zano, there are some guest stars that come into shows and aren’t widely accepted, or the character just doesn’t fit with the originals. However, Zano seems right at home with our six zany friends. In fact it is nice and exciting to see that the writers have decided to keep Zano’s Pete around for this long. He plays the more normal one in the group and it actually balances out the crazy that is often through at us with each scene.

Alex and Dave’s storyline more focuses on the fact that Dave was a bridezilla during their first wedding. And while the writers have come to realize Zachary Knighton’s comedic ability and honed in on it, the scenes with them are often the weakest link in the episode.

Brad and Max have a more interesting storyline in the fact that they are supposed to be a gay couple, until Max gets a ‘look around’ and tells Brad to break up with him. The scenes that Damon Wayans Jr and Adam Pally share together are hysterical. The two of them are often paired up together and its obviously why. Both Pally and Wayans know each other. They know the other ones timing and how to play off of one another flawlessly. It is just showcased once again for us in this episode.

The last scenario just happens to be with Penny, Pete and Jane. And we are just shown once again that Jane BE cuhrazy! While Penny is basically placed into straight woman territory to Eliza Coupe’s Jane, Casey Wilson actually handles it pretty well. It is nice to see Penny getting more of an upfront storyline. The writers are showing that they know how to give each one of the characters a chance to shine. They know that the entire cast has talent and are trying to play to the actors’ strengths.

The episode absolutely brought us the laughs and feel good emotions that Happy Endings is known for bringing. It also even managed to stick several one liners in, in normal fashion. The writers and cast are positively on their A game and want us to keep coming back for more. So until then grab your friends, crash a wedding expo; just don’t get in a fight with a professional wedding planner!

–       Josh Bouye