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Iron Man and Optimus Prime go Head-to-Head in Latest ‘Super Power Beatdown’

Iron Man and Optimus Prime go Head-to-Head in Latest ‘Super Power Beatdown’

Super Power Beatdown

“Who would win in a fight between X and Y”. It’s a question asked around every playground and inside every comic shop across the globe. Robocop and The Terminator. the Ninja Turtles and the Power Rangers. Ian Malcolm and Brundlefly. Ok, maybe that last one’s just me but the point is, nerds are obsessed with debates like this, and if you don’t believe me, look up any number of the never ending, vitriolic debates in the “Superman vs Goku” fight. The filmmakers at Youtube channel Bat in the Sun got in on the fun a few years ago when they introduced “Super Power Beat Down”, a video series where two beloved characters engage in a brutal fight to the death, the winner decided by popular demand. The result has been some pretty fun videos, including one where Jason David Frank reprised his role as the Green Ranger to go mano e mano against Street Fighter’s Ryu.

For the latest video, Super Power Beatdown has unveiled its first animated video: a brawl between Iron Man and Optimus Prime. It’s a pretty cool video, though Iron Man’s voice acting leaves a little bit to be desired. And of course, it’s the movie version of Prime, so insert grumbling noises here about that. But I guess of you want to have Prime fight someone, you get the violent psychopath prime who tears peoples’ faces off on a regular basis. Generation 1 Prime would have calmly negotiated with Tony and they’d have had their differences sorted inside five minutes. Because G1 Prime wasn’t a crazy person.

Check out the video below.