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John Sayles to shoot new film ‘To Save the Man’

John Sayles to shoot new film ‘To Save the Man’


Wonder what one of the writers of the original Piranha movie is up to now? Well, he’s been writing scripts for several films and directing his own work over the years, and now writer/director John Sayles has a new project in the works. The independent filmmaker, as been reported by the Peninsula Daily News, will start shooting his new film To Save the Man in Fort Worden State Park in Washington State next summer.

The film will be about the Carlisle Indian Industrial School that ran from 1879 to 1918. It was the first federally funded school for Native Americans and was founded by Captain Richard Henry Pratt, who wanted Native American youths to be assimilated into “white” society. Of course, he had an extremely skewed view of race, and his true intentions were to keep other races from surpassing “white” culture in any way. Captain Pratt and the school’s beginnings will be the focus of the movie.

Sayles’ most recent films have all dealt with racial issues, and it’s clear that his new film will delve deeper into that topic, especially since it’s based on a true story. While Sayles’ latest films have all been limited release, there’s hope that To Save the Man will attract substantial names so that this film will reach more people. Other details are scarce, but the feature will begin filming next July.