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Kirsten Dunst says the new Spider-Man has “a lot to live up to”

While promoting her upcoming drama All Good Things, Kirsten Dunst, who played Mary Jane Watson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, commented, to the LA Times, on what it was like when she found out about the reboot.

“I mean, everyone was coming back, and they were casting a villain. I knew it wasn’t ready to go, but I knew they were working on it. An they decided not to, so – you know what, it was only sad because we didn’t know the last one was going to be our last. So we didn’t have that extra little “this is the last time, guys”. We didn’t get to have that grieving. It was a little like, “Oh, we’re not doing it, bummer””.

She went on to echo the worry held by some fans about re-telling the story so soon.

“They have a lot to live up to. I do really like Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. I know that Emma’s playing Gwen Stacy, but I wonder what story they’re gonna tell, because it wasn’t that long ago – we’re not, like, old people. That’s why I’d be nervous. They’re gonna tell the story, I guess, from the beginning again – but in a different way. But it wasn’t that long ago that we told the story. So the pressure’s on again a little bit in that way. Yeah, they’re in a funny position. But hey, I’m sure they’re gonna work it out.”

It’s funny because I never really thought about any of this. When I found out they were rebooting the franchise I was excited because I hadn’t been so pleased with the later installments, but when you really think about it, that upside-down kiss in the rain happened only 8 years ago. But regardless, I think I trust Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to tell a good story, mostly because failing to do so would be absolutely horrible. Can you imagine if it was just terrible? I really hope it isn’t.