Legit, Ep 1.03: “Love” contrasts Jim and Billy’s approach to women, while giving Steve his time in the spotlight

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Rosalie Ward, Ross Mackenzie, and Dan Bakkedahl
Rosalie Ward, Ross Mackenzie, and Dan Bakkedahl

Legit, Season 1, Episode 3: “Love”
Written by Peter O’Fallon, Jim Jefferies, and Rick Cleveland
Directed by Peter O’Fallon
Airs Thursdays at 10:30pm (ET) on FX

The third episode is perhaps the funniest the show has been to date, while still allowing for forward progression of the characters. While the idea of Jim teaching Steve and Billy how to manipulate women could have turned the show sour very quickly, the episode manages to maintain its heart, helping Billy open Jim’s eyes as much as Jim opened Billy’s. Billy engaging in a relationship, even if it is online, is bound to alter the group dynamics, and how that affects Jim as well as Janice is worth looking out for. Katy Sullivan’s Renee also displayed some clear chemistry with Billy, and hopefully makes a return appearance at some point.

How Jim reacts to the newfound information he’s gleaned from Billy on how to connect is also something to look out for, as this promises some interesting new developments for the character. Earlier episodes have shown he’s slow to change, and usually absorbs only half a lesson, so what he chooses to use from Billy’s advice is bound to tell the audience more about him, while providing laughs. It was also good to see Steve outside of Jim’s presence, and hopefully his character continues to be built upon outside of his relationship with Jim and Billy.

– Deepayan Sengupta

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