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Montreal Comiccon 2013; Battlestar Galactica Reunion

Montreal Comiccon 2013; Battlestar Galactica Reunion

Tahmoh Penikett & Michael HoganBattlestar Galactica is so much more than a science fiction television series. Although it may take place in outer space and deal with deadly synthetic replicas, it also beautifully deals with humanity in such a personal way that almost anyone can identify with the story. Five years after the show’s finale, new fans keep emerging, further emphasizing its ability to relate to any and all audiences. During this year’s Montréal Comicon, attendees were invited to partake in the 10th anniversary of the show with special guests Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh), Tahmoh Penikett (Lieutenant ‘Helo’ Agathon), James Callis (Dr. Baltar) and Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama).Edward James Olmos

There were three panels in all, one Friday evening, the next on Saturday morning and the final one Sunday afternoon. The mood was intimate and relaxed as the panelists answered questions from the crowd, revisiting the making of the series. They discussed many aspects of the show, from writing to wardrobe and everything in between. There were stories of uncontrollable laughing fits between takes; having to sip lukewarm tea in lieu of alcohol during drinking scenes as well as how the cast became a true family throughout the production. The discussion also included the honor of being the first ever television program invited to speak at the UN in relation to the many serious and important issues tackled by Battlestar Galactica during its broadcast.James Callis (1)

These four actors helped create characters and a universe that from 2003 until the series’ end in 2009 remained a familiar presence in viewer’s homes. Audiences invited the fears, the hopes, the trials, the triumphs and the mistakes of these individuals with open arms. It is an honor for these actors to still care about their audiences so many years later, taking the time to meet and talk with those who went through every fracking moment of the journey along with them.

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-Trish Ferris