Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 17: ‘Ratatouille’

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What kind of ingredients does it take to make a great podcast episode? For starters, make sure you have a great topic. This week’s episode of Mousterpiece Cinema has just the movie to create a great episode: 2007’s Ratatouille from Pixar Animation Studios. Next, put in two dashes of honesty, a pinch of analysis, and a sprinkle of cinematic pretension. (Hey, it’s just a sprinkle.) The final ingredient is for you to listen and let the chef know what you think of this new episode! Bon appetit!



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  1. Gabe says

    After listening to about 15 episodes of Mousterpiece Cinema, I was about to nickname the podcast “Disney: Dissect & Destroy”, but this review helped bring some balance to the force. Hats off to you for your deeply thoughtful exploration of this Pixar classic. It was one of my best theater experiences of 2007.

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