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My favorite console (Xbox 360)

My favorite console (Xbox 360)


When E3 2005 was going on there was rumors that Microsoft was going to introduce a new console. The Xbox 360 promised users a unique experience with next generation graphics and a wealth of games that everyone wanted to play. When I heard about this new console I didn’t really care about it either way as fanboys were lining up to get this console. The games at launch were not impressive and there was nothing that really caught my eye.

In 2006 that all changed when Capcom hinted that they were going to release a game called Dead Rising.

I am a huge fan of zombie movies and the Resident Evil games didn’t do it for me as you weren’t playing as an average joe. Dead Rising was different as you played Frank West who was a photographer that would do anything to get the story. I remember sitting down and playing the game, taking pictures of carnage and killing tons of zombies. It went from there as there were great games released for this console such as: Grand Theft Auto IV and V, Forza III and IV and Bioshock 1 and 2 to name a few.

When the Kinect was released I was given it as a Christmas gift and I was overjoyed. The game that came with it Kinect Adventures was the first game to use your body to play the game. There are other games that I have such as Dance Central and Disneyland Kinect (which is a REAL good recreation of Disneyland) and they are all fun to play.

My Xbox 360 that I had gotten in 2006 died twice once it was replaced under a protection plan and the other was just recently bought. These consoles have had a pretty long lifespan and I had yet to have any problems with the one I recently bought.

Now the Xbox One is going to be released this month and I am excited about this console. But am I going to rush out and get this console and abandon my Xbox 360? No. While I am excited for the Xbox One this console is not going to awaken the same feelings that I had when I got my Xbox 360. Do I want to play such great games as Forza V or Dead Rising 3? Sure. But I am not going to simply abandon the system that I have because a new one comes along.

If you have an Xbox 360 and you want to get an Xbox One here is a great idea. Instead of standing in long lines and trying to get a console boot up your Xbox 360, pull out your favorite game and play it. I know at some point I am going to dust off my copy of Dead Rising and play it to my heart’s content.

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