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The next Coen Brothers project will be an adaptation of the crime novel ‘Black Money’

The next Coen Brothers project will be an adaptation of the crime novel ‘Black Money’

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It’s always a treat to hear what the Coen Brothers are up to. With their latest film Hail, Caesar! having just wrapped, it’s no surprise that the famous duo are looking for a new project. According to Deadline, the Coen Brothers are set to write and possibly direct an adaptation of Kenneth Millar’s crime novel Black Money (which he wrote under the pseudonym Ross Macdonald) for Warner Bros.

The novel itself is part of a series of crime stories centering on Lew Archer, a private detective working out of Southern California (think Philip Marlowe as played by Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep). In this story, Archer is hired by a man rejected by his girlfriend who wants Archer to investigate the man she has run off with, leading Archer into a world of money schemes. While having written many stories with Lew Archer as the main character, Black Money is considered to be one of Millar’s most renowned works.

It’s not at all a shocker that the Coen Brothers are taking on a story like this, especially since it has the potential to be a dark thriller along the same lines as one of their most noted films, No Country For Old Men. Black Money is in the early stages of pre-production, so no word yet on a cast or filming start date. But luckily Coen Brothers fans have Hail, Caesar! to look forward to in the meantime, which will hit theaters on February 5, 2016.

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