Next Gen Showdown PS4 vs Xbox One


Gamers will know the year of 2013 as the year of the Next Gen Console. As of this writing the PS4 was released a few days ago and the Xbox One is about to be unleashed on gamers. But most gamers seem to be on the fence on which system to purchase.

The initial day one sales of the PS4 were one million units and while that sounds like a lot it really isn’t. Most people have purchased the PS4 only to post it on EBay in hopes to turn a profit. Other people are genuinely interested in the system and it has better specs than the Xbox One.

So why did it only sell one million units?

The Xbox One seems to have gathered steam as the day one exclusives seem to be better than the PS4. The only day one exclusive that I know about was Killzone Shadowfall which looks impressive but I am not really a Killzone fan. The games that are coming out for the day one launch of the Xbox 360 are Forza 5, Ryse and Dead Rising 3. Now I don’t know about you but three games beat one hands down.

However, fans of Sony are raving up and down stating that the PS4 is technologically superior and there are exclusives coming. That may be the case but there are LESS PS4 exclusives to Xbox One exclusives. It comes down to the games and right now the PS4 does not have it and other gamers have complained about the Xbox Ones problems and here is my solution to the whole debate.


Why? It is very simple right now the prices are outrageous for either console and these are all generation one versions of these consoles. You remember the horror stories hearing about the initial PS3 or the Xbox 360? Remember the cries of the red ring of death or the hardware problems of the PS3? I do. I remember legions of gamers being VERY pissed off as they had to wait WEEKS to get these issues repaired.

Do I want to play Dead Rising 3? Of course! But I am NOT going to be Microsoft’s guinea pig and blindly rush out and get a console. Enjoy your PS3’s and Xbox 360’s a bit longer and mid 2014 if you wanted to get a console I would strongly urge you to get an Xbox One. It is going to have better exclusives and seamlessly transitions between gaming and other duties (ex: calling your friends).

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