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Nintendo (finally) expands virtual console for Wii U

Nintendo (finally) expands virtual console for Wii U


It’s been a bit of a strange experience dealing with the virtual console on the Wii U. From the dual menus, one that offers games currently available on the Wii U virtual console, and the other only showing games that the player has previously downloaded for their Wii, the system comes across like a bit of a mess in some regards.

But hopefully the beginning of a long-awaited change is finally at hand. Nintendo recently announced that it would begin introducing Wii titles to the virtual console, starting with Super Mario Galaxy 2 which is available now for only $9.99 (jump on that quick though, if you want it, as that price is only for this week).

Up next will be Punch Out!! for the same price on Jan. 22, followed by one of the greatest steals gamers could possibly hope for, with the Metroid Prime Trilogy pack for Wii launching for a mere $9.99 as well. Let me just tell you that if you have a Wii U and you haven’t played the Prime trilogy, you are robbing yourself of one of the greatest values in gaming history by passing this package up when it goes live on January 29.

Still no word on when we can expect N64 and Gamecube titles to join the fold, but the fact that Wii games are finally showing up is at least (and at last) a step in the right direction.