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‘Outcast’ #10: The Heart of the Matter

‘Outcast’ #10: The Heart of the Matter

Outcast #10Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 7.42.09 PM

Written by Robert Kirkman
Pencils by Paul Azaceta
Colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser
Published by Image Comics

Ten issues in and Robert Kirkman throws a curveball: there are no physical demons in this issue of Outcast, rather it’s the emotional demons that cut the deepest. Kyle is still furious with Reverend Anderson after their meeting with Sherry. The main line of demarcation between the two is deftly explained, as Reverend Anderson believes she’s better off and Kyle believes the girl isn’t. Kyle is seen as a man without faith but who would blame him? Kyle knows that Sherry will forever live laying in a bed just like his mother.

Kyle is so distraught he goes and spies on his wife and daughter. His wife, Allison, catches him and what transpires is extremely depressing. It has always been known that Kyle had attacked Allison and she had left him, but she explains what exactly went down. The images are horrible and its understandable why Allison won’t tell Amber, their daughter, why she left Kyle. The emotional weight between the two easily triggers some of Kyle’s rage and part of him knows that if he’s able to figure out why he was so any, he can get Allison and Amber back.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 7.42.53 PMKirkman finally gives in and gives a peek behind why Kyle is now divorced. The words are heartbreaking and although it isn’t anything groundbreaking, the gravitas of the conversation between Allison and Kyle really brings the pain. It is a nice change of pace over another issue of Kyle and Reverend Anderson driving about town. The lives of these characters are almost more interesting than the demons’ comings and goings. Kirkman knows this and that’s why Sidney approaches Reverend Anderson at the end of the issue.

Paul Azaceta continues to draw his scenes especially well. It’s great to see his pencils working in a very emotionally concentrated scene as well as others with no words and only Kyle’s posture to tell us what he’s thinking. There is one panel where Kyle looks at his hand while Allison tells him she hasn’t explained their breakup to Amber that is especially heartbreaking. Elizabeth Breitweiser applies the gamut of colors in this issue that starts bright and ends dark. The mood of all the characters grows more and more demure as the issue continues.

Outcast #10 breaks its own mold by telling a more human story. The change in tactic by Kirkman and company is welcomed. The demons are sure to return in the next issue emotionally and physically. Hopefully, Kyle and Reverend Anderson can mend their relationship.