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‘Outcast’ #7: The Never-Ending Road

‘Outcast’ #7: The Never-Ending Road

Outcast #7
Written by Robert Kirkman
Penciled by Paul Azaceta
Colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser
Published by Image Comics


There is a departure from the normal story flow in this issue. Kyle and Reverend Anderson are more secondary characters while we follow Megan’s adventure into the city to meet Allison and have a standoff with Donnie. It’s a welcome change to see the world of Outcast isn’t just demons and exorcisms. Although we find out that Kyle seems to be as committed to the cause as Reverend Anderson.

Robert Kirkman is trying to develop the world as a whole and give us more complete characters. It’s great to finally see Allison not in a flashback or the background and she’s as normal as any other single mother. She can’t be as boring as Kirkman has written her. There are some skeletons in her closet and it will be interesting to see them teased out in later issues. Megan’s confrontation with Donnie is the best part in this issue. It was apparent that the past she had with Donnie wasn’t great but she came right out and spilled it. Donnie is a rapist and Megan isn’t going to let him forget that fact. Megan shines in this issue as a powerful and independent spirit who can be counted on by her family and Kyle. Megan has the ability to possibly broker reconciliation between Kyle and Allison but there’s little chance of that happening in the near future.

Kyle and Reverend Anderson decide to team up to help save those that the Reverend has neglected in the past. The storyline with Blake is still unresolved and it should be wrapped up soon. When the team learns more about Kyle’s ability and what kind of demon they’re dealing with it’s assumed they will exorcise Blake. Revered Anderson is finally aware that his brand of exorcism hasn’t helped anyone and Kyle is the only help available. Hopefully Kyle can read more into why his touch affects some and not others, like with Mildred and Joshua. Only time will tell if Reverend Anderson can steer Kyle into the right direction or if Kyle can bring Reverend Anderson out of his ennui.

Kirkman continues to weave a tight story that includes secrets and more secrets. It seems the more we learn the more secrets pop up. After seven issues in Rome it’ll be a welcome change to go on the road with Kyle and Reverend Anderson. The characters’ faces, drawn by Paul Azaceta, show the human range of emotion. Megan has a great mean mug, Allison’s stone cold face is very sad and Revered Anderson can be shell-shocked and resolute on the same page. The colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser are muted and restrained. This gives the issue a great sense of depth and the feeling that there are shadows lurking in the darkness behind every character.

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This issue of Outcast lays the groundwork for the next great arc in the series. Kyle and Revered Anderson will continue their holy mission for the betterment of all. When or if it has any lasting effect is yet to be determined.