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‘Puppet Master’ #1 brings horror straight from the big screen

‘Puppet Master’ #1 brings horror straight from the big screen

Puppet Master #1

Puppet Master #1
Written by Shawn Gabborin
Art by Michela Da
Published by Action Lab

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Puppet Master is a product of Charles Band and Full Moon Entertainment. The studios produced ten Puppet Master films,  and one unofficial crossover with Band’s other creations Demonic Toys.  The series was also converted into two limited series produced by Eternity Comics. The current incarnation is written by Shawn Gabborin, and produced by Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint.

The series opens with a homeless man squatting in the Bodega Bay Inn, closed for years after the events of the films. The homeless man is having a conversation with a mysterious someone, hidden off panel. Mid-conversation, however, Toulon’s living puppets arrive. Torch unleashes a jet of flame and roasts the man alive. The next day a group of teenagers arrive at the hotel, intending to break in and spend the weekend someplace spooky. Gabborin wastes absolutely no time eliminating members of the group and creating an air of fear. Michela Da’s art for this issue is solid, as can be expected from Action Lab’s other work. Gabborin, too produces some high-quality writing. For a man who’s built his reputation of the horror genre, Gabborin fits in very well with Charles Band’s Full Moon world. With each issue going to Band for approval, it’s no wonder the series has the same entertainment value we’ve come to expect from the films.

Definitely go check out the new Puppet Master series from Action Lab Entertainment, and keep an eye out for more fantastic work from Shawn Gabborin.