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‘Questionable Content’ melds the mundane and the fantastic

‘Questionable Content’ melds the mundane and the fantastic

ufB6cl0Questionable Content
Written and illustrated by Jeph Jacques
Ongoing, 2003-present
Updates Monday-Friday

Questionable Content is an indie, romance, tiny robot, slice-of-life webcomic started in 2003 by writer/artist Jeph Jacques. Jacques uses the comic to make his living. He sells ad-space, as well as plenty of merchandise including t-shirts with creative phrases like “YOLO” (You Obviously Like Owls) and “Clearly I have made some bad decisions”. I own the second one. The nearly twelve year-old series has given birth to some other fantastic concepts as well, including Jeph’s band Deathmᴓle. The band originated within the series and Jeph brought it to life, playing all the instruments individually and mixing the tracks himself.

The series centers around Marten Reed and his circle of friends as they go about their lives in a small Massachusetts town (I’m from Ohio, so if it isn’t Boston, I figure it’s a small town). Marten lives with his Anthro PC, a small sentient robot/home computer, whose name is Pintsize. Throughout the course of the series, Marten meets a string of interesting and unique characters, from a transplanted southern belle with a feisty attitude, to an intense germaphobe from a wealthy family. The series is supported by a complex web of interconnected relationships between the characters. Marten’s relationships are constantly evolving. Some run their course, while others are just starting out. No matter what, though, Jacques keeps each new page interesting in its own right while forming an amusing, overarching story.

Fans of music and geek culture who have a wry sense of humor will be sure to love QC. The scripting and art are ever evolving as Jacques continues to expand his universe. Long time readers will know, there is really only one question that needs answering: Just what has Steve been up to lately?

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