‘Robin Williams: A Spark of Madness’ A Web Comic Celebrating the Late Actor and His Love for Video Games

Melbourne, Australia-based cartoonist Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils has created this awesome web comic titled Robin Williams: A Spark of Madness celebrating the late actor we all love and miss.

Than explains:

“I had no idea how to approach doing a comic about Williams until I read that he was a huge video game fan. In fact, he was so obsessed with the original Nintendo system and games that he named his daughter Zelda. Here’s a TV ad Williams and his daughter appeared in to promote Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo DS. Over 100,000 people have signed a petition asking Nintendo to name a character in the upcoming Zelda game after Williams. Here’s hoping they will. And in case they don’t, I’ve decided to pay my own 8-bit tribute to the great man.”

While Nintendo Of America released a response to the petition pretty much stating they won’t be making this change to the Zelda franchise anytime soon (and quite possibly never), fans were able to convince Blizzard Entertainment to memorialize Williams in the hugely popular role-playing online game World of Warcarft, which is played all over the world by 6.8 million people, including the late Williams himself.

Check out the comic below, and be sure to check out more work from Gavin here.


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