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Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are producing an ‘Evil Dead’ TV show

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are producing an ‘Evil Dead’ TV show


Sam Raimi has been making his rounds at San Diego Comic-Con, talking about various upcoming projects like his upcoming adaptation of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, which he’ll be producing, but he also dropped some news that he, Ivan Raimi and Bruce Campbell are currently collaborating on writing an Evil Dead TV series, as The Verge reported from Comic-Con. This is very exciting news for fans of one of horror’s greatest franchises, coming a little over a year and a few months after Fede Alvarez’s excellent, gory reboot, which Raimi and Campbell both produced.

Evil Dead would join a small host of other shows currently on TV based on classic horror films, which includes NBC’s masterful Hannibal and A&E’s soapy Bates Motel. Not much is known about the Evil Dead show other than it is in the early stages of writing, leaving us with many questions about where the show can go. Evil Dead and more specifically the third film in the series, Army of Darkness, has seen continuations in multiple video games and many comics, following Campbell’s Ash through his chainsaw filled misadventures through time and space.

It also brings into question Raimi’s Army of Darkness sequel, the separate sequel to 2013’s reboot, and the rumored crossover film between the two. Campbell has implied in past interviews that the reboot might be in continuity with the original three, so will the series continue the story of the reboot, the originals, or will it be it’s own thing? With USA’s Burn Notice ending last year, Campbell’s availability is more open, so will he take a role as his iconic character? Also, with the exception of Army of Darkness, all films in the franchise take place exclusively in an isolated cabin, so who really knows where the show could go? Since there is no such thing as too much Evil Dead, in a perfect world we’d get Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 4, Alvarez’s Evil Dead 2, and a show, but that might be a bit of a pipe dream at the moment.