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‘Saturday Night Live’ – Christoph Waltz and ‘DJesus Uncrossed’

‘Saturday Night Live’ – Christoph Waltz and ‘DJesus Uncrossed’


Saturday Night Live hasn’t chosen the best of hosts this season. There has been at least three terrible episodes, and the SNL team hasn’t been able to produce a solid, much less, stand-out, sketch… until now. With only a few days left before Oscar voting closes, Supporting Actor nominee Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained), was given a chance to impress, and boy did he ever. While Waltz played the straight man in most sketches, he wasn’t afraid to let loose when the occasion called for it. Rarely does a single episode incorporate such success from beginning to end, but last night, SNL left everyone talking. Each episode is of course a team effort, and a major credit goes to the writers, but how often do we see a sketch has brilliant as Djesus Uncrossed? The faux movie trailer for the upcoming blockbuster subtitled “the ultimate revenge fantasy” is guaranteed to draw outraged letters of protest. With lines like “He’s preaching everything but forgiveness!”, the Tarantino parody promises to be a little less violent than The Passion of the Christ. Jesus (Waltz) rises from the dead, and with the help of his apostles, takes out an army of Romans. Every last line in this over the top, Tarantino-esque sketch, was well written, providing strong material for a couple of great impressions including Killam as Brad Pitt and Kenan Thompson doing an excellent Ving Rhames. Djesus Uncrossed is a great concept, and well executed. Bravo!


Roman soldier: “Jesus H. Christ”
Jesus: “The H is silent.”

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