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Six Reasons to be Excited About All-New, All-Different Marvel

Six Reasons to be Excited About All-New, All-Different Marvel


While DC Comics attempts to play catch-up with their “Divergence” marketing campaign, highlighting new and more diverse status-quo switch-ups along with some #1 issues, Marvel Comics continues to kick ass with more awesome comic books. After Secret Wars, an epic event comic from Jonathan Hickman that changes up the continuity by mashing together the Ultimate and 616 universes, Marvel is coming out guns blazing with the “All-New, All-Different” line of comics. Sure, it’s a little wordy, but it sure is exciting.

Here are six reasons you should be pumped for the new face of Marvel comics.

Diverse casts and all-star creators make up new Avengers books

There are two new Avengers books launching in this new line-up, those being A-Force and All-New, All-Different Avengers. A-Force, which we got a taste of in the Secret Wars tie-in miniseries, is about an all-female Avengers team, with She-Hulk, a character whose dedicated series was sadly canceled, as the leader. The book is written by G Willow Wilson, the excellent Muslim writer on Ms. Marvel who brings much needed freshness to the comic book industry. Mark Waid is taking the reins on the other, which stars characters like Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, the new Captain America and Thor, Vision, and more.

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Greg Pak is back to Hulk

Greg Pak is the man behind Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, the inspiration for some animated films and some of the most beloved Hulk comics. This is why it is so fantastic to have him back on the sole Hulk book, enjoyably entitled The Totally Awesome Hulk. There is also a lot of mystery on the cover, teasing what might be a really interesting new status quo change.

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Charles Soule gets an obvious Daredevil gig

Sadly, Mark Waid is ending his incredible run on Daredevil, but he is getting replaced by the only writer who makes sense. Charles Soule, one of the absolute best up-and-coming writers in comics, who also happens to have a real-life background in lawyer work, is taking charge of the man without fear. It’s not hard to be compelled to read about this character thanks to the amazing Netflix show, too.

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Dan Slott continues writing Peter Parker

Since November of 2010, Dan Slott has been consistently writing The Amazing Spider-Man on an often-fortnightly release schedule, and he isn’t stopping yet. Since he began all those years ago, Peter got and lost a new girlfriend, blamed himself for a major character death, became a legitimate scientist, joined the Fantastic Four, died and lost control of his body to Doctor Octopus, got and lost another new girlfriend, started a new company, came back to life, met with and fought alongside every incarnation of Spider-Man ever created, and so much more. The guy pays great mind to the long-term and is always doing something bombastic and interesting, even though there have been duds in the five years he has been writing. With this new relaunch it appears Peter is going global, offering yet another big, interesting change.

Long live Dan Slott’s Spider-Man.


Bendis gets three promising books

Brian Michael Bendis is easily one of the biggest and best names in comics and he is still putting out tons of worthwhile books. He is taking over on Invincible Iron Man, a beloved character thanks to the Marvel films who hasn’t had a consistently beloved comic in quite some time. He is continuing his Guardians of the Galaxy run, now containing the Thing from the Fantastic Four and a female Star-Lord. And, last but not least, he is continuing to write the longest ever and still continuing run on Spider-Man ever with Spider-Man #1, starring the young, black-latino Miles Morales as the flagship Spidey in the comics.


All of the quirkiest, most original, and most interesting series are here to stay

Don’t worry about the beautifully written and adorable tale of Kamala Kahn in Ms. Marvel, expertly nailing themes of inclusion and identity. Don’t worry about the hilarious and silly Howard the Duck from the irreplaceable Chip Zdarsky. Don’t worry about the sharply-written and funny Ant-Man, serving as a worthy spiritual successor to The Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Don’t worry about the insanely goofy Squirrel Girl book.

They’re not going anywhere.