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Sons of Anarchy, Ep. 5.09, “Andare Pescare”: Fishing with the Mob!

Sons of Anarchy, Ep. 5.09, “Andare Pescare”: Fishing with the Mob!

Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 9: “Andare Pescare”
Written by Kurt Sutter
Directed by Bill Gierhart
Airs Tuesdays at 10pm (ET) on FX

So after weeks that shocked mainly with gruesome violence, this week Sutter and his team deliver an episode that builds on less obvious shock moments and rather chooses to embrace a much more sensitive drama; stroking the quiet, yet deep notes that make this show memorable. Last week was already an indication of this, but this episode is simply very well rounded. But first of all, let’s dedicate a little relief and happiness to the fact that Chibs is alive, breathing, and already has his smirk back on his face, despite the nasty cut in the back of his head. While it surely would have been uncalled for if Chibs had bled out, with the loose finger on the writers’ trigger lately it was an option, even if a highly unlikely one.

There are three main plotlines running this week‘s episode, creating that well dosed combination of drama, action, ease, and a twisted way of delivering the story. The hunt for  Frankie Diamonds, who could have suffered a little while longer mainly for the pure pleasure of watching Clay being uneasy, is what drives the action of tonight’s episode. Slight complication to the hunt- Jax needs Frankie alive in order to deliver him to Eli, who in turn will give him the rat at the table. Clay obviously wants Frankie dead as soon as possible, so that his tracks will be covered.

That leaves mobster and Frankie‘s momentary protection Jimmy Cacuzza, who ends up pulling the trigger before anyone can intervene. That is it for Frankie Diamonds (man, the sound of that name will be missed, along with his crazy mustache, even though admittedly the attachment to the character itself is next to nothing). At least he does one last good deed before getting shot; he tells Juice that it’s Clay who‘s behind the home-invasions, possibly providing Juicie with some intel that could make the difference in a confrontation with Jax, who figures out that he’s the rat without Eli telling on him.

Meanwhile Gemma and Nero, who is establishing himself more and more as an important part of the central cast, are opening up to one another, proving that there truly could be more. It feels good to see Gemma a little lighter. Even though everyone knows that this will not last long, as Jax made it clear last week what he has planned for his mother, who will do anything to keep her family together, still it is nice to see those two sharing, bonding, just enjoying the connection they have. And who knows what will happen with them once Clay is out of the picture for good – whenever that will be. If we get a few more scenes like the one between Bobby and Clay, he may stick around a little longer. His comment, when Bobby asks him how badly he wants that seat back and Clay says, “I thought I did”, is almost close to believable…

The last main development of tonight‘s episode is between Otto and Tara (Sutter showing just how well he can pull that part off). It starts off quite innocently, compared to how it ends. While Otto’s masturbation is almost a strike of genius in the way it’s portrayed as the sentimental act of a nearly finished man (only SoA can turn around something that twisted), Tara’s mirrored masturbation leaves me a little on the fence. It does seem as if everyone gets what they want out of that one, though. And what do we really know about Tara’s past? With what‘s been going on, she has every reason to have a little bit of a screw loose by now, but we’ll see if she’ll follow Jax, who is continuing on his spiral to darkness! Opening with a conversation about cookies and milk, closing with Jax tailing Juice to confront/kill him, SoA makes strange opposite ends meet once again.

But what does everyone else think, will Juice really meet Mr. Mayhem? What will happen with Eli, now that he‘s found his conscious again- any chance for that character to stick around or will we possibly see a new sheriff in town sometime soon? Any major development I left out of this week’s rundown?

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