Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘The Skin I Live In’ and ‘Bad Education’

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This week, we turn our focus to Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar, who has reunited with former collaborator Antonio Banderas for The Skin I Live In, which finds the acclaimed director wading further into the depths of genre than perhaps ever before, folding in aspects of the mad-doctor subgenre and even…torture porn? We’ll also rewind to talk about Bad Education, the writer-director’s 2004 effort.


Music Playlist:

Alberto Iglesias – “Skin I Live In Score”

Chris Garneau – “Between The Bars”

Alberto Iglesias – “Moon River”

Alberto Iglesias – “Titulos de Cabacero”

  1. tmack says

    What a twisted film, but I really liked it. You’re right about it’s not being conventionally suspenseful but that’s because you don’t connect any dots until the first operation, then you have a moment of surprise & horror when you realize the good doctor’s plan. But Vera never seems horrified; she’s so docile that you accept that she’s happy & adjusted in her new circumstances. And Dr. Ledgard is such a contained person that we never get to know him or feel for him — he’s played at a distance. We can’t tell whether his feelings are authentic, which perhaps is intentional given his traumatic suffering over his wife and daughter.

    The flashbacks, kind of hokily & Hitchcockian conveyed, shift the points of view in the film from Ledgard to Vera. I wondered briefly why Vera was dreaming about the events with Ledgard’s daughter, even briefly thinking if something incestuous was going on.

    What a great role for Banderas. I wish Anaya had played Vera more dramatically (instead of like the doll in Lars & the Real Girl) so we could have experienced more of her adaptive process. A second viewing of this film infused with the knowledge of what’s really going on might enrich the experience.

  2. Ryan Clagg says

    I want to see “The Skin I Live In” before listening to this, but I’m excited to hear your guys’ thoughts on “Bad Education.” It’s my favorite Almodovar film, and probably in my top 10-15 of all time.

    1. Ricky says

      I have to be honest… I wish I had more to say about Bad Education but because I have been ill, I couldn’t watch the film again. I basically lost my vision for about a day and couldn’t read the sub-titles. So I was going on my memory from way back. :(

  3. Sandra says

    FINALLY you’re reviewing Bad Education. Two great films, I’m stoked for this episode.

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