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Spider-Man and Venom are One Once Again in Superior Spider-Man #24

Spider-Man and Venom are One Once Again in Superior Spider-Man #24


Superior Spider-Man #24superior-spider-man-24cover

Writers: Dan Slott and Christos Gage
Art: Humberto Ramos
Colors: Edgar Delgado
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Long time Marvel readers may have been tempted to roll their eyes at the sight of the Venom symbiote bonding with Spider-Man in issue #23. After reading the original story, various retellings, cartoon, and movie adaptations, it’s easy to give the idea a “been there, done that” dismissal. Especially any readers who may have been enjoying Venom’s recently canceled series featuring Flash Thompson. But what we get here in Superior Spider-Man #24 isn’t your average Venom. It’s the Superior Venom. Otto Octavius has bonded with the symbiote, and unless one has played the old Spider-Man game on the original PlayStation, that’s something they haven’t seen before.

Where the previous issue crammed a lot into one book, Superior Spider-Man #24 picks up the pace and streamlines the action for a more enjoyable read. Otto takes control of the symbiote rather quickly and is immediately eager to showcase his control and new-found strength in any way he can. The ongoing Green Goblin subplot continues its long build and finally manages to tie more into the main plot with new developments for Carlie, MJ, and Captain Yuri. Peter also confronts May, while heavily under the symbiote’s influence, about their awkward meal with Anna Maria.

This confrontation does raise some interesting possibilities for the future status quo of Spider-Man. When Peter makes his inevitable return, which, if any, repercussions of Otto’s actions will remain intact? Just how many bridges will be burned down? Will Pete continue anything Otto started? Will Aunt May disown Peter? With her constant flip-flopping stance on Spider-Man, perhaps readers might find an absent (without being dead) Aunt May to be a breath of fresh air. May has always been pretty forgiving of Peter in the past, having to truly redeem himself in his aunt’s eyes could make for some interesting stories.

Once again, the art of Humberto Ramos is hit or miss depending on the page. His Venom always looks great with an impressive amount of detail as the symbiote wraps and wriggles around Peter. But then there are a few pages, the final in particular, where certain characters seem to be missing jawlines or eyeballs. The Superior Venom’s costume does look pretty awesome though, with a mix of classic Venom, octopus tentacles, and a little Spider-Man 3 Venom.

As the penultimate issue in the “Darkest Hours” arc, Superior Spider-Man #24 manages to deliver an exciting tale that will leave readers eager for the next issue, while also raising some questions about the future of Spider-Man. And despite the character’s recent progress as a hero, writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage make it fun to see a more villainous Venom again, which alone makes this issue worth reading.