‘Star Wars’ saga getting digital reissue April 10

For fans eagerly awaiting Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, or for those who want to catch up and understand all the hoopla (yes, there are people who exist who haven’t seen Star Wars), Lucasfilm is finally giving you the opportunity to do so without investing in a whole bunch of hardware.

All six films in the Star Wars saga, including the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, will be released on digital HD markets, including iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon, Verizon FiOS, Xbox Video, and Disney Movies Anywhere, starting April 10. The price for all six films will be $100, but you can purchase the films individually for $20 a piece.

Each film also includes digital downloads of exclusive bonus features, for which /Film has the full list. However, the digital versions of the first three movies will be George Lucas’s controversial special edition versions, in which Lucas updated and added special effects to make them more in line with the prequel trilogy. Deadline additionally explains that the unaltered versions of Star Wars IV, V, and VI, long rumored to be released on Blu-Ray, is not likely to happen anytime soon due to rights disputes.

Watch the TV spot for the digital re-release, which aired during Monday’s NCAA basketball championship, above.

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