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‘Steven Universe’ #5 turns a harmless yard sale into a life or death mission

‘Steven Universe’ #5 turns a harmless yard sale into a life or death mission


Steven Universe #5
Written by Jeremy Sorese
Illustrated by Coleman Engle
Published by Kaboom

A new arc takes shape in Steven Universe #5 as it explores the dangers of having a yard sale while the Crystal Gems are around. A giant slug (and Pearl to a certain extent) recently destroyed the Beach City Library, so Steven and Connie decide to raise some money and build a new one. Steven and Connie have the noblest of intentions when they gather up junk to sell, and their altruistic nature is in no way linked to Connie’s desire to read the next volume of the Unfamiliar Familiar.

As always, normalcy doesn’t last long when Steven’s around. Among the rubbish Steven finds one of Connie’s old books. Immediately after touching it weird vibes fill the page. Oblivious to any magical mayhem, Steven leaves the book behind and goes into town to post yard sale flyers with Connie.

Moments later Pearl discovers entire garage sale stockpile in the living room and, being the neat freak that she is, stores everything in her gem before going on a mission with Garnet and Amethyst.

StevenUniverse_005_PRESS-8-666x1024Things go downhill pretty fast when the gems are forced to the temple after Pearl becomes ill. It’s up to Garnet and Steven to cure Pearl, while Connie and Amethyst hold down the fort.

Jeremy Sorese’s writing and Coleman Engle’s art captures the same goofy spirit found in the animated series Steven Universe, which is produced by the talented Rebecca Sugar. Motions are exaggerated, colors are vibrant, characters interrupt panels, and, most importantly, Steven is poised to save the day in his own Steven way.

We’re also treated to the shorts “Bubble Trouble,” “Steven-less,”  “Winter in July,” and “A Day with Onion.” All of which present their own artistic spin on Steven’s world while staying true to the source material.Fans of the show will feel right at home in the comic.

Those who are new to the Steven Universe should feel free to jump right in. Sorese captures each character’s spirit perfectly and it won’t take new readers long to become familiar with everyone’s little quirks. If you enjoy issue #5, you can always back track (and don’t forget to check out the show!).

Steven Universe #5 is a welcomed addition to the Stevenverse, and I can’t wait to see how they’re going to fix poor Pearl.