Suburgatory, Ep 2.15 “Leaving Chatswin”

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Suburgatory, Season 2, Episode 15: Leaving Chatswin
Directed by Elliott Hegarty
Written by Drew Hancock
Airs Wednesdays at 9:30pm ET on ABC

It’s a testament to how good of a show Suburgatory is that despite the mature subject matter of tonight’s episode, the show is still as funny as ever. Episode 15, titled “Leaving Chatswin”, is centered around two big issues: the death of Marty and Tessa and Ryan facing the possibility of a long distance relationship.

When Marty dies in the steam room, George becomes very affected. So much so that he enlists Noah in planning a memorial for their dead “friend” that includes a slide show of his drivers license and shots of him lying on the gurney and a hilarious performance of “Send in the Clowns” by Dalia Royce. Following the ceremony, the country club gives George Marty’s ashes and it’s up to George and Noah to figure out what to do with them. After breaking into his locker, they discover Marty had purchased two tickets for Bora Bora with the name of a mystery woman. Recalling that he loved hash and eggs, they track over to a diner to find out the mystery woman is the waitress who served him his food. The waitress decides that she can’t use the tickets and the episode ends with George and Noah driving off with Marty’s ashes.

Tessa meanwhile is facing the realities of life with a star athlete. Turns out Ryan wasn’t at an away game last week, he was being scouted by colleges! This certainly throws a wrench into the well oiled machine that this Tessa-Ryan (Tyan? Ressa?) relationship. Both of them react in the strangest ways, with Tessa fantasizing about riding while reading a Welcome University pamphlet and Ryan asking a local shop owner to hobble him so he won’t have to leave Tessa and play football. Luckily, Ryan comes to his senses and admits that he loves Tessa and that he just wants to stay in the moment with her. The shop owner still tries to hobble Ryan, twice, but luckily nothing comes of it.

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