Super 8mm Behind The Scenes of ‘Norwegian Ninja’

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With everyone excited about JJ Abrams’ Super 8, I thought this would interest many readers. During the production of Norwegian Ninja, several Super 8 cameras were used as props, but those props were also fully functional, so VFX Supervisor Ludvig Friberg along with director Kristoffer Jørgensen decided to shoot a heap of footage over roughly a two month period. They just recently developed and digitized the film, and recently released the never before seen footage online, which you can see in the video below. The video is essentially contains behind the scenes material and different angles of scenes from the movie.

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  1. Kristoffer Jørgensen says

    Whoa! I´m not the director of “Norwegian Ninja”, thank you very much! I was the stunt coordinator and fight choreographer, true; the director was the great, infamous, one and only Thomas Cappelen Malling. I did fool around with the 8mm camera on set, so some of the footage here is presumably by me – the lousy parts, no doubt…

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