Benjamin Dewey

“The Autumnlands” #9 continues the epic journey

With detailed art, surprising character growth, and a set up for bigger revelations, The Autumnlands #9 is a satisfying entry in the new smash hit fantasy series. If you’re a dedicated fan, there is no reason you shouldn’t pick up this issue.

‘The Autumnlands’ #7: Magic and Mysteries

With fantastic art, unique world building, and an intriguing cast of characters, The Autumnlands #7 picks up where the first arc left off with promises of bigger, better stories on the horizon.

Advance Review: ‘The Autumnlands:Tooth & Claw’ #4 is man’s best friend

The expedition into Kurt Busiek’s Autumnlands continues and as expected, it’s a wonderful piece of work. One of Tooth & Claw’s strengths has been its limited exposition. The world the characters inhabit is explained through the story, trusting the audience to fill in the gaps. Aspects, like insectoid beasts of burden and wicker-built cities, come naturally as part of the series’ excellent world building and this issue continues the trend.

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