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Best Comics of 2015 (Part Two)

5. Paper Girls (Image) Paper Girls #1-3 Written by Brian K. Vaughan Art by Cliff Chiang Colors by Matthew Wilson Letters by Jared K. Fletcher Only three issues in, Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang’s Paper Girls has already piqued intense fandom. Grounded in the recognizably familiar–1988 Midwestern suburbia–with its head in the clouds–aliens on dinosaurs, time travelers, …

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‘WicDiv’ #17 is a sexy and sad ending to the latest arc

If it wasn’t obvious before, the “Commercial Suicide” arc of WicDiv is about the personal tragedies of the Pantheon members. If the first half was about misogyny, it seems like the second half is about the personal choices of women. This becomes fairly obvious in the final issue of the arc, which is about Sakhmet.

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Advance Review: Revealing New Worlds in ‘8House: Arclight’ #1

Brandon Graham and Marian Churchland don’t want to make it easy. The solicitation copy that Image is using to sell 8House: Arclight #1 is way more clear on what is happening in this issue than the comic itself it. But don’t jump to the conclusion that it’s a bad thing. Graham and Churchland create a new reality of ladies as knights, magicians and mystery. It’s a reality that they want you to discover and characters that they want to you get to know. The story of Lady Kinga, a noble lady now trapped in the body of a robed creature, and her faithful knight and protector Arclight is about true worldbuilding where the creators take their time to reveal the characters and the story.

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Image Comics Panel Recap

This is my overview of the Image Comics Spotlight panel. I get there a few minutes early to make sure I can hear everything and have a good line of sight to take pictures for potential announcements. While I wait for the panel to start, I look around the open ended theater to check the turnout for the panel. The first few rows are filled to capacity already, and people try and find seats where they can. The panel begins and our panelists for the day are Adam McGovern (Nightworld writer), Becky Cloonan (Southern Cross writer), Brandon Graham (8House: Arclight writer), Valentine De Landro (Bitch Planet artist), and Alex de Campi (No Mercy writer).

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10 Best Comics of 2013: Part One

2013 was a big year for comics, both mainstream and independent. DC celebrated Superman’s 75th birthday with the launch of the much hyped (and delayed) Superman Unchained by superstar creators Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. There were also the big crossover events “Trinity War” and its follow up Forever Evil which will continue into 2014.  This year also marked …

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