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Image Comics Panel Recap

Image Comics Panel Recap

(Note: At the time of this writing it was 11:40 AM)


The author with a Saga cosplayer

This is my overview of the Image Comics Spotlight panel. I get there a few minutes early to make sure I can hear everything and have a good line of sight to take pictures for potential announcements. While I wait for the panel to start, I look around the open ended theater to check the turnout for the panel. The first few rows are filled to capacity already, and people try and find seats where they can. The panel begins and our panelists for the day are Adam McGovern (Nightworld writer), Becky Cloonan (Southern Cross writer), Brandon Graham (8House: Arclight writer), Valentine De Landro (Bitch Planet artist), and Alex de Campi (No Mercy writer).

Each panelist goes through the books I named above and tells us a few short points about why we should be reading these books. De Landro jokingly remarks that Bitch Planet with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick was his book that he HAD to be on. Cloonan tells us that every arc of Southern Cross will give us a new storyline and new cast of characters. De Campi describes No Mercy as having manga influences, like Attack on Titan and Death Note. From the sound of it, No Mercy is a character driven tale about survival, what it takes to make it out of impossible odds…and also what comes after. De Campi divulges some information that the kids will eventually get back to life outside of the woods, and there will be repercussions to follow.



The rest of the panel bounces back and forth between the panelists. De Landro tells us that DeConnick has about three to four more books that she’s really excited to get to in the future. The panel then  opens up to a short Q&A where people in the room (myself included) ask the panelists whatever popped into our heads, and get free comics for doing it! I asked the panelists what they themselves were reading over in the Image corner of titles. Answers ranged from They’re Not Like Us and The Wicked + The Divine, to Saga and Deadly Class. If this panel, which started very early by comic convention standards, was any indication, the rest of Special Edition NYC would live up to the hype.