Joel And Ethan Coen Pose In New York

Ranking the Films of The Coen Bros.

Joel and Ethan Coen have built a reputation as two of the most visionary and idiosyncratic filmmakers working today. Dabbling in Film Noir to screwball comedy, from off-beat indies to big-budget studio pieces, their films are adored by critics and audiences alike.

Fargo, Ep 2.01, “Waiting for Dutch”

With the first season of Fargo, Noah Hawley and company did something unheard of in television: he took an iconic American film, and turned it into a better TV show, adapting the dark, twisted humor of the 1995 Coen Brothers classic into a show that both felt abundantly familiar, and wildly original.

FARGO "The Six Ungraspables" -- Episode 105

Why You Should Start Watching: Fargo

The idea of doing a TV show inspired by the Fargo film is one that could have gone wrong in so many ways, but miraculously Hawley did everything right in the first season.

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