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  • Clouds of Sils Maria - Kristen Stewart

    Cannes 2014: Assayas’ ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ paints performance as Bergmanian identity

    Olivier Assayas, especially with his previous Irma Vep, has had a keen awareness for this entity and how the actions on-set can serve as a sort of chamber drama in itself. With Clouds of Sils Maria, his vision behind this project becomes realized in the channel of Bergman by way of TMZ, a smartly composed dive into the role of celebrity culture and how it influences the films they inhabit. More

  • Edgar Ramirez in Carlos

    Carlos with Sean Colletti

    Former Televerse cohost Sean Colletti and current cohost of The Midseason Replacements, Under the Hood, and This Is Our Design returns to the DVD Shelf to discuss Olivier Assayas’ 2010 SundanceTV miniseries, Carlos. [powerpress] More

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    ‘Demonlover’ – High-Tech Collectivities of Desire

    “To describe the spectacle, its formation, its functions and the forces which tend to dissolve it, one must artificially distinguish certain inseparable elements. When analyzing the spectacle one speaks, to some extent, the language of the spectacular itself in the sense that one moves through the methodological terrain of the very society which expresses itself […] More

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    The Alumni of Cahiers du Cinema

    This new column for Sound on Sight will feature Cahiers du Cinema critics-turned-filmmakers. However, it will not cover the infamous New Wave directors, but four other filmmakers who wrote for the journal and subsequently became directors. What follows is a brief history of the journal and its association with the four filmmakers that will be […] More

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    TIFF 2012: Ty’s Most Anticipated Films

    Since this will be my first experience at TIFF, I have to say that I’m rather pleased with the films that I’ll be seeing. If I had prior knowledge of the festival schedule before its release, I would have chosen the second weekend instead of the first. Films that I’ll have missed out on include: To […] More

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    63rd Primetime Emmy Nominations Announced

    The 63rd Primetime Emmy Nominations were announced bright and early today in Los Angeles by Joshua Jackson and Melissa McCarthy.  Looking through the nominations, there was plenty of good and plenty of bad. Since I am a mostly positive person, let’s start with the positives.  While not nabbing a nomination for Best Drama Series, Justified, […] More

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    Sound On Sight Radio #248: ‘Carlos’ / ‘Four Lions’

    On a weirdly eclectic hour of Sound on Sight, the subject is: international terrorism! First up is Olivier Assayas’ Carlos, a three-part, 330-minute epic starring Edgar Ramirez as infamous terrorist/assassin/mercenary Carlos “The Jackal” Ramirez. We’ve paired it up with Chris Morris’s slapstick satire of would-be Jihadists, Four Lions. Listen now Download the show in a […] More

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