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    ‘Turbo’ an unmemorable rehash of Pixar films like ‘Ratatouille’

    One of the most exciting, complex, and fully realized animated films of the last 20 years is Ratatouille, Pixar’s creative champion to date. The film presents its audience with a patently insane concept—a rat who wants to cook, and become a master of haute cuisine in Paris—and manages to ground every action, every reaction, and every consequence in reality. Not just the reality of the movie, but the reality of the world; when the kitchen staff at Gusteau’s is shown that the gawky young man who took their restaurant by storm is actually controlled, like a marionette, by this sharp, intelligent rat, all but one quit, because what other action would be appropriate? More

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    ‘Monsters University’ a surprising cut above its predecessor

    It’s 2013, and in the world of pop culture, most of us comfortably take Pixar for granted. Here is a studio that, from 1995 to 2010, churned out financially successful films that were also unique, exciting, fresh, and captivating in ways other movie studios could only dream of. The relatively dark days arrived with Cars 2, a sequel to a movie that wasn’t as well-liked (rightly so) as Pixar’s other work. More

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    Extended Thoughts on ‘One Magic Christmas’

    One Magic Christmas Directed by Phillip Borsos Written by Phillip Borsos, Barry Healey, Thomas Meehan Starring Mary Steenburgen, Harry Dean Stanton, Elisabeth Harnois, Gary Basaraba I suppose it’s perfectly fitting that religion became a topic of discussion on our most recent episode, seeing as the movie we were discussing was set at Christmas, one of […] More

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    ‘Brave’ and ‘Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 2’ Blu-rays offer insightful special features

    There’s no better proof of Disney’s unparalleled dedication to giving you your money’s worth with their home media than two new releases, Brave and the Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 2 (though more the former than the latter). Both Blu-rays come out today, and if you’re a Pixar completist, you’ll want to either get them […] More

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    Video Of The Day: What If Pixar Made The Expendables 2?

    The Tumblr round-up is a compilation of images, links, posters, stories, videos and so on, taken from the Sound On Sight Tumblr account. We simply do not have the man power nor time to write articles on every interesting movie related goody we find, so this is our way of still promoting some of the […] More

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    Extended Thoughts on ‘Ratatouille’

    Ratatouille Written and directed by Brad Bird Genius is a blessing and a curse. Who doesn’t have that moment where they wished they knew the answer to a question, whether it’s to sound important, put someone else in their place, or just show off? But being a genius has one obvious pitfall: once you prove […] More

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    Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 17: ‘Ratatouille’

    What kind of ingredients does it take to make a great podcast episode? For starters, make sure you have a great topic. This week’s episode of Mousterpiece Cinema has just the movie to create a great episode: 2007’s Ratatouille from Pixar Animation Studios. Next, put in two dashes of honesty, a pinch of analysis, and […] More

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    Sound On Sight Radio #213: Pixar Special #2

    Probably the only film company that elicits instant recognition at the mere mention of its name, Pixar Animation Studios has been responsible for at least a half-dozen of the last decade’s most celebrated movies. This month, the studio turned a corner of sorts by (probably) ending the series that began its prestigious line of animated […] More

  • The Best Films of the Decade: 2000 – 2009 Part 6 (Revised)

    90- Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) Directed by Mike Leigh Genre: Comedy / Drama In a shift away from his usual exploration of the dark and dreary, director Mike Leigh takes a lighter look at life with Happy-Go-Lucky. Sally Hawkins is a comic revelation as the lead character Poppy, delivering a nervy, utterly captivating tour de force performance. […] More

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    The 100 Best Films of the Decade: 2000 – 2009 (part 5)

    59- Capturing the Friedmans (2003) Directed by Andrew Jarecki Genre: Documentary On the surface, the Friedmans were a typical 1980s American family until on one Thanksgiving Day, when that happy façade came to a crashing halt. After the local police discovered the dad had engaged in the buying and selling of child pornography, they questioned […] More

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