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    ‘[Rec] 4: Apocalypse’, the latest entry in the popular Spanish horror franchise, gets its first trailer

    One of the surprises of the 2007 film season was a little-known horror film called [Rec], which took the worldwide horror community by storm. The film was successful enough to merit two additional sequels to date, as well as a Hollywood remake in the form of 2008’s Quarantine, which yielded its own sequel in the […] More

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    The 2000’s: A Vital Decade in Horror Cinema

    Many film websites published “decade’s best horror films” lists in late 2009/early 2010. While these lists collectively provided a rough snapshot of the genre’s ups and downs during that time, with more time to reflect, it becomes increasingly clear what an important period the 2000’s were for the horror genre on a global scale. Not […] More

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    ‘[REC]3 GENESIS’ – Teaser Trailer

    One of the very best horror franchises released in the past decade is the [REC] series, the Spanish viral outbreak thrillers that gave the found footage concept a run for its money. Directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza quickly became rising stars in the Spanish horror scene with their stripped-down, first-person horror pictures that delivered […] More

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    Trailer for ‘Sleep Tight’ by [REC] Director Jaume Balaguero

    [REC] fans are impatiently waiting the next instalment of the series, a prequel / sequel supposedly scheduled to start production next year. In the meantime, co-director Jaime Balaguero has finished work on another feature film, something entirely different, a story of obsession titled Sleep Tight (Mientras Duermes). The first teaser has just been released and […] More

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    Dark Bridges Film Festival: Day 2

    Day two of Saskatoon’s first installment in to the Dark Bridges Films festival opened with a bang despite a less than desired turnout on September 25th. Due to an early showtime and a myriad of other early Saturday issues (Hangovers, work, etc..) Day two opener Werewolf Fever was seen by a only a fraction of […] More

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    The Very Best Of The Found Footage Genre Part 2

    #6 – Paranormal Activity (2009) Directed by Oren Peli The faux-documentary, “cinema verité” camera style is increasingly prevalent in horror flicks these days, mostly because it cuts down on budget-costs for genre filmmakers. Paranormal Activity is a prime example. The film is one of the most profitable movies ever made, based on return on investment. […] More

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    The Very Best Of The Found Footage Genre Part 1

    Two decades before The Blair Witch Project, the 1980 Italian exploitation film Cannibal Holocaust, directed by Ruggero Deodato, broke traditional cinematic conventions while creating major controversy following its release. Filmed in the Amazon Rainforest, the movie tells the story of four documentarians who journey deep into the jungle to film indigenous tribes. Two months later, […] More

  • The Best Films Ever Screened At The Fantasia Film Festival (Part 4)

    Originally I was only going to list my five favourite films of the entire fourteen year history of Fantasia. Only after last night’s screening I couldn’t help but add on Scott Pilgim vs. The World. These six films are without a doubt my SIX FAVORITE FIRST RUN FEATURES to ever screen at the festival. Look […] More

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